Saturday, January 17, 2015

Sledding down Sand Dunes

"The moment you realize it was better to stay on the sled." - Sled Quote from pin

We had a fabulous day at White Sands National Monument near White Sand Missile Range in New Mexico.

We drove out to the sand dunes. It is amazing how it is desert and then just dunes with out any warning.   This picture shows snow on a mountain top far into the distance but all the rest is pure white sand!

Our first stop was to the Museum to learn about the basin and dunes.  Then, we stepped into the gift shop to buy sleds. (You buy them for a certain price and if you return them you get part of your money back.)

Next we drove into the park to find the perfect picnic spot and sand dune!
We found a great picnic spot for lunch. 

Of course, there is no absolutely perfect sand dune to slide down .... you absolutely must slide down as many as you can!   Remember..... this is not snow!  This is all white sand!

 Sand sledding pictures.....

 Pushing Daddy... And, then his wipe out!!!

Walking the ridge line of the sand dune

 Sand Angel.

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