Monday, December 29, 2014

Snap Shots of Disney at Christmas

"The wonderful things are the things we remember for the rest of our lives." - Making Memory Quotes

This year, the Christmas Trip that we give the kiddos was to Disney at Fort Wilderness.  We spent two weeks at Fort Wilderness.  These are some snap Shots other than hanging out at the camper around the Christmas Tree.

Boat Rides.

Monorail Rides as we went hotel hopping.

Bus Rides around the campground.

Dinner Shows
Beloved's  favorite the Hoopty Do Review.
The Little Man has been picked twice now to go up on stage.

(insert pictures from phone)

Dinner at the Floridian, 1900 character night.
Characters from movies come and sign their autographs and take pictures with you if you want them too. 

Breakfast at Chef Mickeys

We did two parks while we were there.

We did Animal Kingdom where all the animals are being taken care of at Disney.  The wet ride was my favorite.

We did Sea World.
At Sea World, our Family was sitting at the right place at the right time for Sea Worlds 50th year surprise.  Each Child received a refillable drink for the entire day.
(Insert picture from phone)

I do believe the question most wanted to know is how many time did I get told I look like ''Brave!"  (As many don't actually know the princess' name!)  At Disney? Many times a day!!!  But, around town no matter where I am (  away from the magical land of fairy tales ) only about twice a week!  Seriously!  My Family thinks that I should just stay away from Shire Horses as it gives the tourist more to talk about!

We had a fabulous time. And, I have some pretty awesome pictures of the shows, family food shots, silliness at the campground, and many more character pictures! To bad this is all I have time to upload.

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