Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Indoor Exercising

"Healthy is an outfit that looks different on every body." - 21day fix quote

The two oldest girls are in a Champion Girls Group. It is held at a Church. The programs are for girls to get exercise. They use ballet, jazz steps and stretching to be keeping your "temple" healthy for Jesus.  All the music they use is sacred christian music. They pray and do a devotion before each class.  The girls are all suppose to wear skirts.   It is very sweet.  They encourage the parents to be involved too and they have a place on the side for us to watch every single lesson.

 I don't think I would have ever considered this type of program for the girls in any other area that we have lived in.  However, this area has lot of little indoor programs for children surrounded around exercising as it is really hot here year around. Families really seek them out here as we have been told that it stays in the 100s even through the night.  And, although you can go swimming eventually the pool water gets to hot to get in even in the mornings!  I am not sure what to think about all this heat!  But, I will tell you that we must be acclimating fairly quickly as we had 3 days of 80 degree temps and I was cold all day!  I guess it stands to reason I was cold as we have experienced 100 degree temps just in late February.  It has been in the high 90s lately but we are to get back in the 100s soon.  Summers hit 120 and higher.   


  1. It sounds like a nice community you're at. But the temperatures, Carmen! I don't envy you. (but, to feel cold at eighty degrees?)

    1. Believe me, I was not going to announce that to the world. giggle. Cold at 80! If I was the only one that was cold than I would have thought I was crazy but everyone was cold.

  2. It looks to me like you need to spend the summer here with us!! Lots and lots of parks, walking paths, nice temps....... I'll be thinking of you when you have 120 my dear. (Like you thought of me when I had 6' of snow!!! )

  3. Wow can't imagine those kind of temps for so long! And I thought it got hot around here in the deep south! Sounds like they've learned how to work around it though!


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