Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Quartermaster Depot

Yuma Quartermaster Depot State Historic Park, site of the Yuma Quartermaster Depot, was used by the US Army to store and distribute supplies for all the military posts in Arizona, as well as posts in Nevada, Utah, New Mexico, and Texas. A six-month supply of clothing, food, ammunition, and other goods was kept at the depot at all times. The supplies were brought from California by ocean vessels traveling around the Baja Peninsula to Port Isabel near the mouth of the Colorado River. There, cargos were transferred to river steamers and brought upstream to Yuma. The supplies were unloaded near the stone reservoir just west of the commanding officer's quarters and hauled up on a track running from the river dock through the center of the storehouse. They were shipped north on river steamers and overland by mule-drawn freight wagons. The depot quartered up to 900 mules and a crew of teamsters to handle them. - Quartermaster website

This Quartermaster Depot closed right after the Civil War due to trains being able to carry supplies across the country and over the bridges of  the Colorado River.

The city of Yuma has a canal that was built underneath the Colorado River. 
And, the Museum has the history also of the dams that were build in the area. 
In the Quartermaster's home there was many period pieces. 
My kiddos got a kick out of the fact that most of the pieces are things that I decorate with in our home.  - Old Coffee Grinder, Butter Turners, clay crock pots, Caste Iron posts. 

I just thought this piano in the parlor was interesting.
The buildings had beautiful windows. 
I am such a sun girl coming through my house. 
 They had the land sprinkled with Cacti. Some of them were the endangered cacti species. 
The girls thought this Cactus was pretty due to it being purple.
 They had a big barn of wagons.

This one is a "dump" wagon.
They dump the trash from the bottom. 

Ending our tour with a little rest before we headed out at the train depot. 


  1. Great pictures! I love posts that display history :-) Your children are certainly growing up quickly and so adorable! Have a great day!


  2. This looks like our kind of outing. We love to incorporate history with fun. God bless.

  3. Love the post and the pics of the children. Guess what I spotted in the pic of the piano?!


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