Thursday, December 29, 2016

Right/Left Christmas Game Instructions with story.

This is a fun and simple game that you can play
during a Christmas party.You will need a wrapped gift for each person at the party. These do not need to be expensive. Christmas decorations (tree ornaments, kitchen towels,snowmen, mugs, ceramics, etc...) and candy (or other packaged holiday treats) work well. If you planahead, you can purchase these items at 75% off ormore after Christmas this year for next year. Most of the gifts should be of the same approximate value. One or two gifts can be just a little better to make it fun. Musical Christmas items are always a hit (Cracker Barrel is a good source for these).
Have everyone stand or sit in a circle. Either hand everyone a gift or have them pick a gift from a pile in the center of the circle. Do not let them open them yet. Have a person stand in the middle of the circle and read the following story out loud. Do not go too fast (but don’t go too slow either). Instruct the people that when they hear the word “right” they should pass their present to the person on their right. And when they hear the word “left” they should pass their present to the person on their left. Keep an eye on the game. You may need to stop for a moment and let people catch up. At the end of the story, instruct everyone to open their present. The present they open is theirs to keep.
      Christmas with the RIGHT Family 
Christmas was almost here and Mother RIGHT was finishing the
Christmas baking. Father RIGHT, Sue RIGHT and Billy RIGHT
returned from their last minute Christmas shopping. 
“There’s not much LEFT to be done”, said Father RIGHT, as he came into the kitchen, talking to Mother RIGHT. 
“Did you leave the basket of food at the church?” asked Mother
I LEFT it RIGHT where you told me to”, said Father RIGHT
“I’m glad my shopping is done”,said Billy RIGHT.
 “I don’t have any money LEFT to go shopping.” 
The hall telephone rang and Susan RIGHT LEFT
to answer it. She rushed back and told the family, “Aunt
Tilly RIGHT LEFT a package for us RIGHT on Grandma
RIGHT’s porch. I’ll go over there RIGHT now and get it”, she said as she LEFT in a rush. She LEFT in such a hurry that she forgot to get her car keys. She had LEFT them on the table RIGHT next to the phone. Susan RIGHT ran back into the house and found the keys RIGHT where she had
LEFT them. Father RIGHT LEFT the kitchen
and brought in the Christmas tree. By the time Susan RIGHT returned, Mother RIGHT, Father RIGHT and Billy RIGHT had begun decorating the tree. Susan
RIGHT said she found the package RIGHT where Aunt Tilly RIGHT had LEFT it. The entire RIGHT family sang carols as they finished the decorating.Then they LEFT all
the presents arranged under the tree and went to bed hoping they had selected the RIGHT gifts for their family. 
 Now, I hope you have the RIGHT gift for yours
elf because that is all that is LEFT of our story except to wish you a very blessed Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year and to remind you that when you leave our party tonight, please make sure that you have not LEFT anything behind. 
You may now open the present you are LEFT with!!!! 

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