Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Book Inheritance

"Only a handful of writers who began over 130 years ago are still read by an ever-increasing family of readers. Grace Livingston Hill is one of those writers." http://www.gracelivingstonhill.com/

My Grandma had two interesting spots in her house that I considered the "mystery" places to explore. The hope chest which I knew not to go into unless accompanied by an adult over 80. The other spot was a small little end table full of books that looked boring except to the eye of one who loved to read.

While staying at her house one night with nothing to read, I remember looking in my Grandfather's office for something. At that time, I was not interested in the book cases that lined the entire room of theology books. So, I decided to take a look at the books that were carefully separated from the others. They were stacked in the "mystery" zone. I grabbed one up and began to read. The next morning, I admitted to my Grandma that I had read one of her books. It was such a good book that I had to share it with someone! (I don't remember which one it was!) She laughed. And, so began my love for GLH in High School over 22 years ago.

Now, she didn't give me the collection out right! I had to read one, give her an oral report of what it was about, and then at that time I could keep that particular book. I remember her saying, "You read and then you can keep them. But, you can only take them out of the house one at a time!" And then she said something about that " There doesn't seem to be any other book worms in the Family." I was so excited. That first little book began a month long book collection to acquire 22 hardback editions printed in the 1940s.

These books were very special to my Grandma. When they were young girls, her and her Sister would save and save so they could have 25 cents so each month they could go to the store and buy a GLH book.

These books are special to me for many reasons as well. The memory of how I acquired them, the sweet expression that my Grandma had on her face while telling the story of how she bought them. Also, I adore the signatures of my Grandma and her Sister in the front of the books.

And, of course, I like them because GLH has the sweetest little pen. I adore her homemaking and love quotes and passages, her adorable little heroes and heroins, and her sweet little stories of how God brings everything together.

And, in keeping with tradition, these are the titles that I have hidden away in my "mystery" Hope Chest!

Head of the House
The Golden Shoe
Beauty for Ashes
Spice Box
Bright Arrows
The Witness
The Substitute Guest
The White Lady
The Golden Shoe
The Enchanted Barn
The Girl From Montana
A Girl to Come Home To
The Street of the City
Out of the Storm
Through the Fires
The Red Signal
Happiness Hill
Rose Galbraith
The Finding of Jasper Holt
Crimson Mountain

If you are interested in reading GLH books there is a monthly book club on GLH website. It has been awhile since I have read them but I can still remember that "A Girl to Come Home To" and "Crimson Mountain" were favorites. I am sure now that I am older my "favorites" might have changed. I guess, I will pick them up again and share some of my favorite quotes.


  1. Thank you dear Carmen, this is wonderful, oh so very wonderful...

    I'm reading GLH's 'April Gold' and I'm so loving it. I feel like I'm taken to a world far away, it's like watching a delightful old 40s movie...It's such a perk for me! I've also ordered and received 'Beauty for Ashes', an original copy! And I just received a used paper copy of the 'Substitute Guest'.

    It is a difficult week for our family, we lost my father in law, Monday morning. As I read April Gold, I'm thinking my mother in law may enjoy the story in a few months too. I have plans already to get the book for her. Today very dear friends brought over a beautiful plant with yellow orchids to our home. It was so the Lord, it was like April Gold to me from the Lord, no coincidence.

    A lovely, lovely entry dear one. Thank you.

    Love, Your friend, ~Mrs. Amelia

  2. So glad you enjoy these books and that you have a special place for them in your home. I am sure your daughter longs to check our the mystery places in your home as well, by what you share here of her love for written word. *smile* I have not read any of her works but am glad you enjoy her writing so much. *smile* Have a lovely evening. Sincerely, Mommy of two little blessings & so much more!

  3. I just sent for an inter-library loan for "The Prodigal Girl" today. I look forward to reading it. I read "April Gold" two years ago - it is a very good story.

  4. I loved mom's GLH books too. I remember reading those books warming by the floor furnace.

  5. I have read many, many GLH books. In fact, I have a whole shelf full of pb's. But my all-time favorite was an old one that looks much like the photos of the ones you got from your grandmother. It was on one of my mom's bookshelves and I found it as a young teen-ager -- The White Flower. I read that book over and over and over. I believe the heroine's name was Rachel, but alas, I don't remember her hero's name. I think I need to dig it out of the attic and read it again!

  6. I LOVE old books. They just have so much character but then I love old things. I have some old school books, some were mine, some I have found at yard sales. So much fun. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  7. I just loved this post and I love old books and great stories! I haven't read hers in years but I never read the whole series. I will definitely be looking into these! Thank you for sharing. Great memories, great story... you are very lucky.


  8. Carmen, I'm going to link to this on my blog....Just leting you know. Love you.


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