Monday, May 23, 2011

Training Begins...

"Every Finisher is a Winner" - IronKids Motto (Affiliated with IronMan)

All week the Little Man has been talking about the Ironkid Triathlon. So, I wasn't surprised when we were cycling that he said, "Make room for the IronKid" and then he squeezed through Sister and Beloved. I just so happened to have my camera.
The Little Man had asked if Daddy would train him!

So, Beloved and I have been discussing what we thought about the commitment. We both agree that it would be great exercise and it would  require a good bit of focus and discipline for him.
He seemed quite passionate about the idea all week. But, Beloved wanted to test him to see how serious he was about it and we will continue to test and look to see if interest wanes. 

Cycling isn't a problem at all for him. He does 5 miles almost every day with more energy to spare. So, Beloved told him on Friday that running training starts on Monday at 6 since that is the only time Beloved runs. 

Would he get up for running training at 6am?

He did! 

He won't be 6 until the end of Summer so for his age division 6 to 8 years old this is the requirements: 50 yard swim, 2 mile bike ride, and a 500 yard run (just over a quarter mile) Also, when you compete in the IRONKIDS, if your Parent is Active Military, your "time" is also automatically put in  your age section for the MILITARY IRONKID slot as well.  

I guess we shall see...  If his interest continues we will move on to swimming laps. OOPS!!! I mean Beloved will move him on to Swimming. I will just be a really great cheerleader!


  1. I think this is fantastic! If he does loose interest he is still getting this time with his Daddy. *smile* What a great thing for your husband to have some more special time with his son. *smile* I bet you are one proud Momma right about now, watching them both head off on their run. *smile* Have a great day! sincerely, Mommy of two little blessings & so much more!

  2. Hi, there. Just wanted you to know that I just found your blog and voted for you in the "Top 25 Military Family Blogs" contest at Circle of Moms today! I look forward to reading more soon!

  3. Thank You so very much. I was just entered so I would imagine that I won't be in the top 25 with all the votes needed to be in by the 25th of May (although I am aware that people can vote everyday.)

    It will be nice to met a few more bloggers so I appreciate your footsteps.

  4. Way to go Little Man...hmm...looks like Mama got up @ 6am to get a terrific pic.

  5. WooHoo!! Go get 'em Little Man!! And yahoo for the wonderful cheerleader/picture taker!!

  6. Wow! There is a lot to being an IronKid. Let us know how it goes. Such good exercise-for him and for Dad. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  7. I got up and made eggs and bacon.
    And, Beloved is already whispering in my ear about some Family 5Ks. It is the water that I am not into.

    He was up again this morning.

  8. I can not even begin to tell you how much this post made me smile! I absolutely love the pictures of him doing the toe touches and then running with his dad. It made my heart swell.

    I'm so glad you stopped by my blog so I could meet you.

  9. Love the pictures! That is a great goal for a 5 year old! (well, for any of us!) I think it's amazing to see some of those personal characteristics show themselves when our kiddos are so young...
    Have a grand day!

  10. Oh my goodness, what a wonderful adventure! What a journey they will have together. I am proud of him whether or not he finishes. Love those biking pictures, the lighting is beautiful.

  11. Hope Little Man's training has been going great. I'm sure he will do marvelous. He has already done marvelous in my eyes to be that young and to take on a task like this. This is a huge challenge for someone his age. I'm cheering him on.


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