Tuesday, May 3, 2011

An Unexpected Guest

Visits always give pleasure - if not the arrival, the departure. ~Portuguese Proverb

Even though we have a cat and a dog, the children have been asking for either a bird or a bunny for a couple of weeks now.  (The plea for a horse has been for years!) There for a little while one of them was praying for a bunny or a bird. Each time, I kept reminding them that we simply travel to much at this point in our lives to have any more animals.  I remember specifically telling them that the only way we would get a bird or a bunny  would be if it was free and it just landed on our door steps.

So, imagine my surprise yesterday morning when I stepped out to get the mail and a rabbit was on my porch!  At that moment, I went to the very depth of my being and said, "Lord,You have got to be kidding!"  Due to the thunderstorms and rain, I took her in but I  knew immediately this had to be someone's pet.  So, we waited after the storms to ask around.

Clover was very cuddly and soft! And, so while I read "Stewart Little" aloud, everyone took turns having cuddle time. She stayed for the afternoon.

We did return Clover even though our neighbor assured me that if we really wanted a bunny we could have her. But, we know that the 4 Children that are my 4 Children's ages would miss her greatly! So, we said we would bunny-sit anytime they need us to.

Clover was extremely tempting. So, the entire day, I had to conjure up visions of her multiplying and keep reminding myself that I am moving sooner rather than later, camping for months in a camper, and have no idea where I am going to live once we get to Beloved's next spot. I guess it would be safe to say, I  would  be more tempted to buy a horse even though God's little creatures are so precious.


  1. Love that picture of the girls! I had rabbits growing up.... but they did not make an appearance until we were in 7th grade or so....we had Rex rabbits where the fur is all the same length so it is super soft.

  2. An amazing story. We have a similar one concerning a dog. My oldest daughter asked the Lord every night for a dog and then one day we found one on our front porch. No one claimed her. She stayed with us until she had her puppies. We gave all the pups away except one which we kept. Then the mommy dog just left. We have no idea where but my daughter got her pup. God is amazing. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  3. That is so funny! Maybe you should tell them that any pets that drop out of the sky they can keep, that does leave you open for birds though!

  4. Bunny sitting is a GREAT option! What a nice thing to get to do in a morning! Listening to a book and cuddling a bunny that LIVES next door!

  5. Absolutely love love pictures. Those smiles are priceless! Glad the visitor was enjoyed so much. *smile* The bird pictures are cute too, love what she said about the "mistake". *smile* Have a glorious day. Sincerely, Mommy of two little blessings & so much more!

  6. Love the expressions on the little faces. Clover does look soft and cuddly.

  7. LOVE IT!! We are always reminded that we have to be careful what we say!! (teehee!!)
    I think that rabbitsitting is an absolutely perfect solution!!


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