Friday, July 8, 2011

Trial Camping Test

Buy Stock in what you know! - Financial Tip

Our trial camping time (before we head out for 4 months, in September) went okay. I took the advice of friends and family and also leaned on past experience from our trips across the United States and all our hotel hopping.  I filled the camper with ALL of what I thought we would need as if we were going to be gone for a long time except for the homeschool items.  I tried to keep in mind the advice of friends and family who said, "If it isn't food or clothes -- leave it behind!" So, except for a few small digging toys, I did!

Needless to say, I was reminded of several things. The first is that legos must come for the indoor screen tent. The second, don't be afraid of losing the hairbands and bows for the girls hair. They need them no matter how filthy they will end up. Third, Make a list of the 1st through 4th grade read alouds from Sonlight, Living Books, and Rod and Staff. Keep it on hand for trips to the library because I will not be able to go into the thrifty book store aisle! I came home with 4 books.

However, what came to mind most was a financial tip about "Buying Stock in what you know"!  At the top of my list is a reminder that I think no Mom with small children would disagree with me on. It would be a good idea if I bought stock in "Borax!" 

* She is exploring the turtle shells at the Jr Ranger program


  1. What a great picture!
    Where are ya'll going camping? Sounds like fun! We've not been in a few years now, but we all like to camp!

  2. Glad your "triel" camper life whent well...I just ordered school books so now I have to REORGANIZE the camper to make room, I'll make it fit...I have to. :)

  3. Ok, send me an email with all your best learned tips for living in the camper for a lengthy period of time.

    We are getting ever closer to putting our house on the market and will need to live in our trailer while we build a new house and office quarters for the business. I don't know if Tim is ready to do this as soon as this Winter, but I am. We have to take a step of faith at some point to get out of this house and own the piece of property we would like to have in the future.

    so we'll need to find ways to store school books and how much clothes to pack in the trailer, etc.

  4. Ha. Melissa, I have only been out no longer than a month for all our travels. This is gonna be new to me. Vanyah will have to give us the tips! She is a pro.

  5. Maybe, My Mom can give us tips too. But, she only travels with dogs. ;)

  6. Happy Camping!!

    (dogs don't cry, pout, nor talk back.....just saying)

    zip lock bags make great left over food storage and packs nicely in small refridgerator or freezer.

    A small ice making machine is well worth it.

  7. She is so very cute. She is getting so big.....think it is time for a visit. My house or yours or..... my camper or yours.


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