Thursday, August 25, 2011

An Email to Beloved

Diamonds are forever. Email comes close. - June Kronholz

The Little Lady has been writing her Daddy emails while he has been gone. I don't read them until after she sends them so I do not know what she is going to write. This also means that I do not correct her 7 year old grammer, spelling, etc. And, I do not persuade her writings! 

This evening, when everyone was in bed, I was able to take a glance at tonights letter for the first time! And, I giggled and giggled! She is such a horse lover! It is all she thinks about actually! So, it isn't surpring that she searches out for Horses in the Bible. Her favorite book in the Bible is Revelation simply because it has horses in it. She reads that book over and over again and so I have had to sit down and explain a lot of the future events. However, she has discovered something interesting apparently. But, you must read on to discover what else she has found in the Bible. I wish I could see Beloved's face when he reads it!

Hi Daddy.  I have gone apple picking . Well not picking. We have been doing apple crafts, not very fun is it ? They did not let us pick apples . Are you having a good time ? Are you Seeing a lot of stray horses ? Can you bring a stray horse back for me ? Have you seen a camel lately ? Mommy may take me to a pottery class on monday . If you bring me back a stray horse it may be a Arabian . An Arabian is a dessert horse . Are you reading the bible? If you are please try to read Solomon 1 verse 9 it is really funny. It is when King Solomon compares his wife to a horse ! He says what a lovely filly you are my love . Then, he compares his wife to a goat . He said your hair as it falls across your face looks like a flock of goats ! I think he is going to say your skin is as pink as a pigs too.  But, he didn't .   I also miss skyping with you . I think mom will let *little miss*  sleep in my bed when you get home .  It is night right now . Mom is talking to aunt kelly right now . And aunt kelly is going to get *the Little Miss* a little sign (for her Birthday)  that goes on the top of my bed .I think *little Miss* is going to be annoying again tonight. She wants to see you (on the computer). And she is whining (about it) again . Love, * The Little Lady


  1. So precious! I'm sure he will treasure these. :-)


  2. "can you bring a stray horse back for me?"

    haha. :)

    love it love it!!! these are the kinds of things we'll pull out years from now and read again and bawl our eyes out. so precious!

  3. She has such a cute sense of humor for her age! xxxooo ~Mrs. Amelia

    P.S. I would like to get her opinion on a few things lately, oh I bet they would be priceless! ; )

  4. That is SOOO funny! I love it. Do you feel a little insulted about your apple crafts, I mean, they're not very fun after all. hehe.

  5. Amber. He wrote back and said all he has seen so far is camels and donkeys! lol Thanks for sneaking in. It has been forever since I looked into xanga from when I had a blog there!

    Giggle. Beth, you're stinker! I confess. I was sulking too. I wanted to make apple sauce. I will explain the non-apple picking in the next post.

  6. How precious is that. I remember my daddy traveling growing up and I looked forward to talking to him for a bit each night. I am sure your hubby just treasures these letters in his heart.

    Blessings in Him<><

  7. So cute! Enjoy your day and God bless.

  8. Ah!! What an adorable email to her Daddy!!

  9. I think you should start compiling a book of all the letters to her daddy. I bet it would be a great read...LOL...Love to All. Mom


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