Friday, August 26, 2011

Shady Apple Orchard

Anyone can count the seeds in an apple, but only God can count the number of apples in a seed. - Robert Schuller

Shady Apple Orchard opened its doors for the military homeschool group. Unfortunately, Shady Orchard didn't live up to its name! We were hot, hot with 100 degree temps and no shade! But, the sky with the sun blazing and no clouds except the stinky fog from a bunch of tobacco barns smoking wasn't going to stop us from enjoying our day. Instead, we bounced along on a hay ride being pulled by an old John Deere and finally ended up in a some what cooler barn for apple story time. 

Not only did Shady Apple Orchard hardly have shade but it didn't have very many apples either! The Little Ones were very disappointed that we weren't able to pick due to the low and rotten crop. We were all geared up to take apples home and make apple sauce!

However, they were able to make an apple pig craft for a little bit of fun. You have already heard what the Little Lady thought of the craft due to her disappointment over not picking.  But, the boys didn't think it was all that bad! After all, they are always hungry, it was about their snack time, and everything to make the pig was all edible! 

They were able to watch and help make apple cider.

Once again, if it involves food, the boys adored it! Tasting the cider was all goodness!

Of course, Shady Apple Orchard's favorite part was trying to tempt all of us Mommas of its delights! And, those delights to some were worth the drive! For me the drive was no big deal but I did just go for the apples that day!  Since, I have to go by the orchard for Horseback Riding, I will stop in for some goodness when they have a better crop, when it isn't 100 degrees, and when the smoking tobacco barns are done buring and have stopped causing me to have a sinus infection! 

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