Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Thrifty Dress Up

I watch! And I want to holler! As treasures I've hoarded for years leave my garage for a dollar... - Garage Sale Poem by K. Gatlin 

A friend called me this afternoon. She said, "Do you have company? Your house sounds louder than normal!"  I laughed!    "No, not really! Unless you count the characters that are running around in dress up clothes making a mess in my house!"  She said, "I don't believe it. Take a picture!"   I said, "I am serious! You haven't seen dress up day! It takes over the whole house!" 

Later on, she said, "Who is roaring?"
I said, "Right now, a Pirate is trying to hurt a  dragon."
She said, "Shouldn't that be a Knight?"
I said, "Well, Yes. But, the Knight sword got confiscated because it almost came in contact with an oil lamp. So, the only thing left is the Cowboy pistol and the Pirate short sword."   So, They are having to make do!

She didn't remember her Children playing dress up much! So, I had to explain that dress up time can go on for hours in this house. They enjoy it a lot!  It is a big deal when I bring in the container from the garage.

The costumes have been in and out a good bit this week though.  Mainly because this past Saturday we bought a few new ones! We normally buy them when they go on sale for 75% off after the "creepy" Holiday but this time we were blessed to arrive at a garage sale where a Woman had closed down her costume party business and decided to sale her children's costumes for $1.00 a piece. The Little Ones were so excited with all the oodles of mommy-approved choices!    

I shared with my friend the reason why Beloved would probably be relieved that I bought the Little lady costumes with out glitter! My friend got a good chuckle imagining Beloved going to the office in his flight uniform with all sorts of glitter on him!  I can assure you that Beloved doesn't think glitter on his uniform or on anything is nearly as funny as she did! (giggle) Of course, that just made her laugh more because she knows the Pilots well in our unit and while every one else calls Beloved the "Iceman", she calls him "Mr.Poppins -- practically perfect in every way!" 

 I hope he isn't to hopeful that the glitter costumes have left the house! Because, the glitter costumes didn't go away! They are still being used. There are just new favorite ones in the house.

In reality, what Beloved will soon realise is he no longer has just one little girl who likes "bling" but he now has two!  After all the glitter costumes are just being passed down to the Little Miss. 

By the time dinner came around, I was very tired of Pirates. So, I teased them and asked if I could serve Military commandos instead! We all know, I have had more practice in serving those type of characters! ;)

But, they reminded me that Pirates need to eat too and if I let them stay in their costumes I could be the Pirate Queen and they would show me the X that marks the treasure spot! How could I resist?  If I had known the X was going to be on the freezer, and it would have me in the position of sharing the ice cream, I probably wouldn't have played the Pirate Queen.


Costumes at $1.00 a piece is the best "frugal fun!"
They played up until bed time! 
Now, it is very quiet.
They have exchanged their "Errrs, I want buried treasure" for soft little snores.
And, I am thankful because they now look more angelic.


  1. Good post!! Good writing! I love the dress up box/day idea. We have a much smaller dress up box. I will now be looking for after Halloween sales. Good idea, girl. As usual. :)

  2. Looks like you are all having a great time!! Great imaginations!!

  3. Fun!! Wish we could join you...I need some fun.

  4. Wow what a great deal! I need to find a sale like that! Kathleen loves dressing up! :-)
    Have a great weekend!


  5. Oh, what fun! Daniel and I played pirates yesterday. He even let me use one of his swords. How blessed am I? Enjoy your day and God bless.

  6. ah, can we come to your house for dress up day?? my kids would love that. :)

  7. So much fun! Looks like a great day! We LOVE dressing up!

  8. so much fun! my dd being an 'only' gets to play dress up only when she has a friend over.

  9. Great costumes and that you got them for only $1 each makes it even better.


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