Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Beautiful Quilts and a Quilt Challenge for Children

 "Colors and designs flourish inside this national treasure located in the heart of Paducah, Kentucky, Quilt City USA. There is always something new to see in our three spectacular galleries, showcasing the fine art of quilting with as many as 150 quilts at a time."  National Quilt Museum  

Recently, Beloved took the Children and I to the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, Kentucky for a special treat! It was fabulous fun to look at all the quilts.


While I was there I was hunting for quilts by Sue Reich.  Mrs. Reich is a "Gold Star" Mom.  (Gold Star Mom day is September 29th by the way.)  What does Gold Star mean? Mrs. Reich is a mother of a fallen soldier who was a Pilot with Beloved.  Her son was one of the Pilots/Crews who died on a  mission trying to rescue some "secret" friends. Her son was a close friend of ours and we miss him dearly.

Mrs. Reich is also well known among the quilters community too. She researches quilts, appraises them, and also writes books.  She is highly loved at the National Quilt Museum for her World War II quilts. 

Unfortunately, they don't have the copy rights of the quilts that are displayed so I wasn't able to take pictures. This was very disappointing because the Museum is absolutely gorgeous!! Beloved, the Children and I were amazed at the beauty! But, they do show some of the quilts displayed in 2011 on their site!

Even though I wasn't able to take pictures of those fabulous quilts,  they did let me take pictures of the sweet little 16 x 16 quilt top squares which were displayed in the Lobby.  And so, this is how we found out about the YEARLY Contest for ALL school age Children.  (Kindergarten to 12th Grade)

 Here is the Challenge!  The National Quilt Museum supplies 3 fabrics each year to school age Children!  Your Child is to create a 16 x 16 quilt top square using the fabric provided.  You do not have to use all the material up but the 3 pieces of fabric do have to be found in the quilt square some where!!!  You can also add as many other fabrics and other "bling" items to the quilt top piece as you like.  However they ask you not to use glitter!!  (The quilt square is not to be sandwiched. It is only the top that you are to enter!)  You create your own design as well! 

This was the 3 colors of fabric that they provided last year!

Here are the quilt top pieces from all ages levels

Oh, someone is just to smart! Look how cleaver! They used a zipper! 

 Here is another Fabric Challenge.
This was the fabric that was to be used in the quilt top square.

Here are some of the quilt top pieces done by many grade levels as well.

The top quilt square done by a 12 grader.
The bottom quilt square done by a 15 year old.

The top one done by a 12th grader.
The bottom piece quilt top done by a 16 year old.

This was done by a 6 year old.

The Little Lady's favorite....
Quilt Square done by a 12 year old.

These are the three fabrics for the Contest this year!

You can get your fabric for the quilt challenge by calling the National Quilt Museum.  Here is the information to the actual QUILT SCHOOL BLOCK CHALLENGE  They provide the fabric but to enter the contest it is $3.00.  (They may charge you shipping to ship you the fabric. We picked our fabric up at the Museum for FREE so I don't know about that issue.)  They are HOMESCHOOL Friendly for those who are going to wonder about that question when it talks about being a School Challenge. ;) I wasn't surprised to hear that many Homeschoolers enter and win.  (Homeschool parent you sign! If you want your public/private schooler to enter. Just get their teacher to sign the entry form. Easy huh?!)

*Remember you have to use all 3 fabrics but you don't have to use all of the material. You can add fabric so you don't have to get a zip lock bag of fabric for each child if you have several children. This will keep the expence down if you have to pay for shipping.

The School block challenge quilt top- pieces have to be in to the Museum before December 1st.
So you best hurry to join the fun!


  1. What a neat post! How wonderful of you to share! Thank you!

  2. This is so neat and I just love quilts! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Oh, I just love the squares by the kids! What a neat place!

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  4. What a lovely idea for kids. I can't sew at all so am amazed at how creative these young children are!

    Best wishes for a lovely week,

  5. What a wonderful museum, I wished I knew how to quilt:) Something I want to learn and teach the children. Thanks for linking up to the Field trip hop and for stopping by Life's adventures:)

  6. I love quilts so much. I have never heard of the museum, I would love to go sometime. I can't believe some of the talent displayed by those kids. Unbelievable. In my next life, I am going to be a quilter.

  7. Amazing!! Who knew The Little Lady's favorite would have a horse in it. We need to put the museum on the list to see before you move.

  8. Wow, beautiful talent! Such young children quilting so skillfully!

  9. I'm sure you had a great time. I would love to see all those quilts. Such a good idea about the children making quilts. Enjoy your day and God bless.


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