Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Walk Along a Kentucky Riverwall

Paducah's riverwalk is wonderful place to go for a stroll, feed the riverbirds, learn about the city's history, pick up mussel shells, or just take in the flowing grandure of the Ohio River.
Paducah, Ky is a lovely old river town along the Ohio River.  - Paducah Visitor

Paducah's river walk with its brick streets and old buildings is a wonderful experience in exploring the charm of  a Southern town which is similar to the river street walks of Charleston and Savannah but with out the crowds!

The Riverwalk along the river is wonderful. There are plenty of opprotunities to see tugboats, steamboats and barges! 

Along the Riverwalk is the  decorative riverwall which tells the history of the town and also protects the town from flooding. The murals are absolutly beautiful!

Here are some of the sights and pictures along the decorative riverwall.

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