Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Military Aviation Museum

The United States Aviation Museum maintains a collection of over 160 military aircraft including one of the largest helicopter collections in the world. - United States Aviation Museum

This past weekend we took a trip over to the Aviation Museum in this area. The Little Boys were so excited and Beloved was able to share his love of flying with everyone.

When you enter the Museum you are greeted by Icarus and models of  Leonardo da Vinci's s sketches.

Here is Icarus.  Icarus' main attempt to escape Crete by means of the wings in which his father constructed from feathers and wax. He ignored the instructions of his father not to get to close to the sun, and the melting wax caused him to fall to his death.  - Greek Mythology

Exploring the Old Planes

Exploring the Old Helicopters

A life size diorama of how they use to land their WW2 planes in a field and then push them into the trees to pitch a tent under the wing.
He is a little disturbed about the Helicopter crashing in the Vietnamese Rice Patty.
He wanted to know why the tail broke and why the rotor broke.
And, did they rescue the pilots?
And, why is there a Vietnam guy in the woods with a gun.

I adore all the old wooden propellers!

Some of the Helicopters on display from the early years are very odd looking to me!
It actually flew. It proved Helicopters could really fly and do some work.

Running up and down the Chinook.
The Alpha model from the 50's.

Flying a Cobra

Being Goofy

The Helicopter Art Gallery was beautiful and vivid.

Aviation Unit Crest

I see one pin in there that I think is pretty special!

Surprised to see this...
They had a nice display of this type of items.

And, I silently waited until my friends names scrolled through the video screen. Corey was the first name that showed up as I stood there!  I wish they were not on the wall. We know too many and we miss them so.

For those that don't know, they are listing all American names who have died in Operation Iraq Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. 
Now, we need to do the outside of the Museum!  I am sure it will have to be one day when it is cooler though! So, to be continued...


  1. Watch out for the fire-ant nests when you do the outside tour! That's one of our favorite museums (and I speak from experience as far as the fire ants go!) :)

    And since I'm coming out of "lurking" to comment, I'll tell you that I found you by googling "Christian pilot army wife blog". Out of the many I found, yours is one of the few I've continued reading...we've got a lot in common! :)

    Have you hit the Thrift Store (on post) there yet? I MISS that place! :)

  2. so cool!

    reminds me of the wright patt. airforce museum in dayton, oh.. i went there from a kid up, but never got tired of it. so much to see and learn.

  3. Jamie, We sure know about Fire Ants! Thanks for the warning about the piles outside. Not sure when we will get back over there!

    Oh goodness, you must know me already so well. Today, was the first day the thrift store was opened this week. So, I went! They moved it to the bank by the theater! Very nice indeed. We also went to the used book store in the "city" called "Red House". I had a blast. We pick up some very hard to find children favorites.

    I suppose this just goes to show that I don't look at my stats or keep up with the happy lurkers! ;) I have no clue who reads and who doesn't. However, I did put my blog on private once and with in 3 days I got 5 people that I had no clue that read my blog complaining about them not being able to peak in. Almost all of them were unit military wives who sneak in to make sure I am behaving myself, I am sure! (giggle)

    Thanks Amber for peaking in as well.

  4. Looks like a fun museum! We went to our local flight museum this past weekend for the first time. It is right next door to the fort where our children volunteer....and since they were having a walk thru history...actually starting w/ WWI and then going back thru the Civil War and the Oregon Trail and ending at the fort (Fort Vancouver), the air museum fit in pretty nicely at the beginning.
    Thankfully, no fire ants here!

  5. Keri, That sounds lovely! You family must have all sorts of fun activities that they are all involved in. We adore forts!!!

    Our favorite over on your side is "WAAAM" near the Gorge. That place was huge and I got a huge kick out of all the things that they have there! Some of them were mind boggling when it comes to even think about flying! I thought, "No Way!!!" Yet, they still bring them out on Saturdays and give a little demonstration!


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