Friday, October 7, 2011

Iceman in a Baron B-58

The Baron is a light, twin engine piston aircraft. - Beachbaron definition

Iceman has switched over from a single engine aircraft to flying the Baron B-58. He flew it this past week. While hanging out in the back of the plane, he took this picture of the instructor and his classmate practicing engine failure emergencies.  In other words, it was his classmate's turn to stop the left Engine of the plane while flying at 6000 feet and then do what they call a recovery.  Apparently, Beloved thought it was cool that you could see the propeller just stopped outside the window.  (The propeller is the long, dark line in the left window beside the front left seat just sticking up.) 

When he got out of the Baron the first day he text the words, "AMAZING!"

When he got home, I asked him if he was nervous when doing his recovery.
I wasn't surprised when Iceman said, "No. You are too busy flying the aircraft to be nervous."

It is fun to see Beloved enjoying something new and getting a little break from his normal duties. He is like a kid in a candy store right now. He is preparing himself to fly the Zlin (an aerobatic sports plane) next week.   I am hoping we can be blessed again to be there at the right time to see him fly it.


  1. So cool!! Thanks for sharing. Sure do love you guys!!

  2. Glad your beloved is enjoying himself. Oh, and you need to change your profile bio. Little Man and Little Miss are older now ;)

  3. Thanks Sis. I changed it!
    Your profile makes me miss the smell of the ocean!


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