Thursday, October 13, 2011

Iceman in the Zlin Aerobatic Plane

The two seater Z 242L is a training and fully acrobatic aircraft intended for basic and advanced training in civil or military air schools, for glider and banner towing, for night and IFR flight training and above all for acrobatic flying and acrobatic training. ~ Zlin Aircraft website

Iceman flew the Zlin today. It is an aerobatic plane! Now typically the military doesn't own any Zlins. However, they have contractors that teach the students how to do an upset-recovery training. This means if the plane was to get in an unusual attitude (I just call this something similar to the plane being upside down or vertical with the nose down) They would know how to return the plane to a normal flight.

Here is Iceman passing by us with the canopy open. This was so the Children were able to see him and his instructor waving at us. The Little Ones were very happy to see him. -- Okay! That statement would  probably be one that is  underestimating the energy level.  They were uncontrollable --- yes, that type of excited!

Here they are before they are taking off to do their spins, rolls, lazy 8s, crazy 8s, and other maneuvers. The guys had just tipped their left wing to us to say "Goodbye".


  1. So cool....but I don't think I could watch!

    I can only imagine how excited the children were!

    Can't wait to see you in Nov.

  2. No different than watching them at the air shows.

    Well, You do "thank God" more for those protective angels that he created that like the slower pace of life. You know the ones, right? The Angles that don’t mind taking a break from going above and beyond the speed of light but instead have no problem flying with crazy humans who only pull a few Gs. I wondered today if the Angles were whispering, “This is nothing, boys!”

  3. Ooooooohhhhhh.... That is so very neat! Brings back memories...I was that little girl once. *emotional smile*

    Been thinking about you dear one! xxxooo ~Mrs. Amelia

  4. oh so cool! how exciting for the kids :)
    btw, we live fairly close to an airforce base and sometimes we see some mighty big planes flying pretty low over our neighbourhood and they make for exciting times around here lol!


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