Saturday, October 15, 2011

Hiking the Kolomoki Temple Mound

This historically significant park is the oldest and largest Woodland Indian site in the southeastern United States, occupied by American Indians from 350 to 750 a.d. Georgia’s oldest great temple mound, standing 57 feet high, dominates two smaller burial mounds and several ceremonial mounds. The park’s museum is built around an excavated mound, providing an unusual setting for learning who these people were and how they lived. Inside, visitors will find numerous artifacts and a film. ~ Kolomoki Indian Mound State Park

 Kolomoki Indian Mound State Park in Georgia

Beloved and I had visited the Kolomoki Indian Mounds about 13 years ago. We enjoyed the Georgia State Park and we felt that the couple of hours to drive there would be worth the time to go back again.  

Our day was spent hiking and exploring the  Kolomoki State Park Museum and Mounds.  The Museum and Gift Shop is built around one of the Indian Mounds. It is very unique. When you are in the Museum you are actually walking with in a burial mound. The Indian mounds were excavated in the 1940's. So, the artifacts from the excavations are displayed nicely and in some cases in the exact spot they found them.

Kolomoki Indian  arrowheads

This is true Kolomoki Georgia Red Clay (red dirt) pottery!

The excavated shell jewelry was fabulous to see. 
It reminds me of coastal beach jewelry that you can buy today. 

The tools from the 1940's that excavated the mounds.

Heading out on the trail to see the mounds.

The Kolomoki Temple Indian Mound...

We made it!!


  1. Wow, that is amazing. I have never heard of these before but I think I feel a report coming on. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  2. "flat top indian mounds" would be something fun to report on, I would think. I am amazed how many state have them. (Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Illinois, Ohio, Tennessee, etc.) I didn't know there were so many! Here is a list of the mounds by state. Most are broken links but they at least have the list of the mounds for a quick search. I hope I get to see more they were fun to climb.

  3. This sounds like a place my family would love to explore! We've never been to Georgia, but who knows where the open road may take us one day!

    My Grandpa retired from flying jets in the Air Force, so growing up, my dad lived all over the world! He has wonderful stories of his many travels and adventures. Getting to see many of the beautiful parts of this country seems like one of the blessings of being in a military family.

  4. Oh what fun you guys were having. I haven't ever heard of this place. Wish I had. We just returned home from the F. D. R. State Park in GA about 2 weeks ago. I told my hubby we have to go here.

  5. Traci, I hope to get to the FDR park area this trip. We like that park as well. It isn't all that far from Callaway Gardens. And, that is an absolute must go see during Christmas in my opinion!


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