Monday, November 7, 2011

A "Practical" Horse Obstacle Course

Horses can see in two directions at once. They can also see everywhere, except directly in front or behind them.   - HorseFix Facts

The Little Man and the Little Lady are taking Horseback lessons on the military installation with a new trainer while we are here during Beloved's aviation transition.  The Little Ones are enjoying their new trainer but the horses are not nearly as well behaved as they are use to having.  It is a  little bit more of a challenge to get the Horses to do what they want them to do but they are still having fun.

The other day they practiced a "practical" obstacle course.

...Learning to open swinging gates by themselves while sitting on a horse

...Going over bridges which don't allow stable footing.
This is the see-saw bridge.

...Turning quickly by weaving between objects while trotting

...checking the mail


  1. So fun to see them riding! They look so little...but it is really neat that they get to ride!

  2. I'm sure they are having so much fun. I think practical is always the best. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  3. Such a good experience for them, Carmen! Wonderful.


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