Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Flying with Beloved

The air up there in the clouds is very pure and fine, bracing and delicious. And why shouldn't it be? - it is the same the angels breathe. ~Mark Twain

Yesterday, I flew with the Iceman for the first time! And, I was my Beloved's  first civilian fixed-wing passenger! He has had plenty of military passengers, of course!

 He took me up in a Cessna 172.

The airplane Cessna that he has been flying lately was in its 100 hours mechanical check-up. So, he called another airport to see if their Cessna was available.  For airplane/airport insurance the instructor of the airport has to give you a 1 hour flight ride before they just let you go take their planes out for a cruise when it is your first time renting from them.

The Iceman doing his pre-flight.  (aka: Checking out the plane. )

Beloved didn't know what an airport insurance flight meant for him but he encouraged me to come along. So, I did.  He got me settled into the back seat while he and the instructor did a few things outside.  So, I took a picture of the cockpit and his bag!

This is his mysterious flight bag! It is more mysterious than his military flight duffel bags!
It is what I would say is equivalent to a woman's purse. I have no idea what is all in it!
The only items that I know about is a log book, his airplane license, his I-pad maps, and 2 head sets!

I don't mind flying in heavy airplanes  but I don't like the feeling of  take-off and landings in big jets. They make my feel like my tummy is going down to my feet! So, I was wondering what I would think of being in a small peddle jumper (Single Engine airplane with only 4 small seats) being tossed around in the wind. And, I was wondering what the little girl in my tummy was going to think about it too!

When we got up in the air, I took a picture of the tiny little airstrip we took off from thinking that I won't see it much. But, then I found out that Beloved was going to do a touch and go landing for the instructor. That meant I had just gotten off the ground, just to go back and land and then take off again!  (We ended up doing 6 landings in an hour and 20 minutes.)

Once we got up in the air again, Beloved had to do several maneuvers for the insrance instructor.
He had to do a simulated engine failure and 2 power stalls. This is just protocal to let them know you can recover from an emergency.

Beloved says I was a good passenger  through it all! We only fell from the sky about 500 feet. The Iceman says, “I wouldn’t use the word ‘fell’ from the sky. I would use the word descended!”  He can call it what he wants to! ;)

 I am glad my Lord has given these pilot hand's blessings in his finger tips! 

Once he finished his check-out ride. We landed and the instructor got out. Beloved wasn't sure if I would get back in but I did! ;) 

This time Iceman took me up for a easy take off, a less dramatic flight, and a calmer landing! 


If you know what his military job is you would know that this was just normal boring flying for him!  For me? It was a crazy day!! So, I keep teasing him that he doesn't have the concept of easing his wife into flying!

What did I think of it all? Any words in a thesaurus under the words “Overwhelmed" and "Over Stimulated" would describe it perfectly!

Next time, I hope not to be so overloaded! I hope eventually I will be able to concentrate on how handsome my Pilot looks at the controls! I guess I should be just happy that I had my wits about me enough to take a picture of him while he was flying. Otherwise, I wouldn't have had the moment frozen for me to admire!


  1. You are a brave woman! Flying scares me! I have been in a plane when I went to Aruba with a connecting flight in Florida so 4 times on a plane and I'm done! LOL
    Cool pictures though!


  2. Fun! We have some friends that own a Cesna and we've been up a few times. Lots of fun - and fantastic views.

  3. I have never flown in my life and I suspect I never will but it does look very exciting. Happy birthday to your son. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  4. How Fantastic!! I have flown in a Cessna when we first moved here to SC, I was 3mo preg. and we went for a sightseeing tour over the area.

    I have also flown in a Glider, where you get towed up by a small aircraft similar to a cessna and then they let the tow rope go and you glide down to the ground.

    And double fantastic as I had not seen you mention previously the little girl...I knew ya were pg. but did know you had found out...I am so excited for you!!

    We actually had our first house showing today...I found out 4 hours before they were to get here and then they rescheduled for another two hours later, which was a huge blessing, scrubbed all the floors, vacuumed, cleaned to within an inch of everything...and then they didn't even come The realtor said they were not from these parts and did not care for all the curvy mountain roads...I guess that must mean they were city folk or the polite way to say they didn't like the looks of the outside of the

    Anyhow, I'm exhausted, the house is clean, I should get a good nights rest!!!

  5. Oh wow! You are so brave! And what a great wife too I say :)


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