Thursday, February 9, 2012

Icing and Cupcake Day

Life is as sweet as a cupcake! - cupcake quote

This week, a friend named Geri came over to teach the Little Ones how to decorate cupcakes!

The Little Ones are still talking about their cupcake decorating day!
It made quite a sweet impression on them apparently.

Geri started them out by having each child mixing their own color for their icing!

 Geri prepared each of them a small ziplock bag with a tip for their icing.

These little ziplock baggies were perfect for little hands.

Once all the bags were made up they began decorating!
Some with a little more technique...

Some with just the excitement of blobbing it all on!

Once the first cupcake was decorated I took a picture.

And, then they got to eat their first cupcake!

Those that finished decorating cupcakes but not done eating the icing,
spent their time trying out the real way of doing the tips.

Geri put the icing boards in a gallon size ziplock bag for them to practice on.

 After everyone was finished, they ate a few more of their cupcakes! 
They decorated 24 in all.
The rest of the cupcakes slowly disappeared through out the day as well!  

It was a different type of homeschooling day for all of us!
But, one that was well needed!


  1. It's always refreshing to break up the routine to do something more fun! They look yummy! xxx

  2. Aww...sorry I missed it. Looks like all had a fun yummy day.

  3. It's nice to have different days like these.:) fun and yum!

  4. So much fun! Happy Valentine's day!



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