Monday, June 25, 2012

Little Lady's First Competition

No one can teach riding so well as a horse." - C.S. Lewis

The Little Lady has been wanted to be in a competition almost since the first time she mentioned she wanted to ride horses at the age of 3!  This past Saturday, she road in her first competition! 

And, it was all she thought it would be and more!  

#288 on Berkinstock

These are two other girls that her trainer, Mrs. Megan, also works with as well.
They apparently will be competing in the same circuit together.
This was warm up time.

The Little Lady had to be there at 6am so Beloved took her.
I got the rest of the 4 kiddos ready, fed and checked out of the hotel room. 
We arrived at the park just before her show time.

I guess I missed the opportunity to get any pictures of her smiling! Beloved said "She was all chatty and smiles on the way there and then she got on the horse and became totally serious."
Taking a moment to pause...

Being judged!
The hats just crack me up.

"Walk and Trot"
She did 3 classes.

1 blue ribbon.
2 red ribbons.

For a job "well done"  she gave Berkinstock an apple treat!

He was so delighted.
So, much so...
that she actually had to shake off a hand full of drool...

Way more than any other horse had given her!

A Memorable Day.


  1. Oh, how sweet. Looks like it was a great day!

  2. Sorry ,the Margaret Grace comment is from me....I didn't realize she was signed in. But I am sure she would think it was sweet too.

  3. Way to go, little lady! The hard work and training is paying off!

  4. She looks beautiful on the horse. Very professional. Tell her congratulations from us. God bless.

  5. Totally Darling. Totally! Berkenstock looks like a sweetheart too. Precious times...

    xxxxoooo ~Mrs. Amelia : )

  6. Very proud of our little "horsewoman". She did great...even on Birkenstock.

  7. Yay Little Lady!!! Very pround of you!

  8. Wow! She looks so great in her garb! Nice job on the ribbons!


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