Thursday, August 30, 2012

Grand Banging with a little Music

"Practice Makes Perfect" - Unknown but I know my Mom said it a 1000 times!
My antique baby grand has taken a beating over the last year due to several circumstances. It had to have several keys repaired.  And, then after it being repaired one of the hammers broke again. Beloved and I didn't necessarily want to put any more money into the old thing but figured we would wait to see how it made the move and then go from there. Well, it didn't make the move well at all.
So, Beloved bought us a new baby grand!    
So excited!
And, because it is something new everyone is playing it!
The Little Gentlman cracked me up.
He said, "Mom. How old is this piano?"
Me:  "It is brand new"
The Little Gentlman, "Seriously, How old is the piano?"
Me, "It is brand new."
The Little Gentleman "You mean it isn't 100 years old?"
Me:  "It is brand new"
The Little Gentlman to the Little Man,  "Dad must have bought it then."
Apparently, I have a reputation!
Lessons can now continue....


  1. Oh to play again....its been years for me, maybe someday. Glad for you.

  2. Vanyah, We had small keyboard in the camper. (Basic piano program) I don't think my camping neighbors appreciated the practice time though! giggle.

  3. How thoughtful of your hubby! Wow! That is a beauty!

    Will you be teaching them piano?

    Thanks for coming by and entering into the convo, it reminds me of old xanga times. <3

  4. Mrs. Amelia. I have been teaching them with Madonna Woods curriculum.

    However, there is a young christian lady who has graduated from college with a music degree. She is a stay at home daughter! She has it where she travels to our military post/base on Wed. She gives piano lessons at the home of the families! She has 5 homes on my block alone that she gives lessons in. So, I will take advantage of that while we are here. Very excited.

    Condaoleezza Rice kicked it out of the park didn't she?! Are you watching it with popcorn? ;)

    Loved xanga days! Miss them so. I am hoping to have more conversations on my blog this season! ;)

  5. I really loved the comments from your children. I read them to Hubby and he laughed too. Enjoy your new piano. God bless.

  6. That "baby" is beautiful but those "babies" playing her are amazing. I love the cute little feet peeping out from under the Little Miss' dress. Too cute!

  7. Thank You, Mrs. Donna. We are thrilled with it. We traded the old piano for the new. The man blessed us with the piano for the same price it would have been to get the other one back into working condition. Cheap!! Cheap.

    Mom, Two new babies in 3 months. I'll share this "baby" more than my other sweet "Baby" though! ;)

  8. I did get your comment this morning. I am glad you are still reading and that all is going well with you. God bless.

  9. So happy for you. :) We have baby grand and love it. Even our children who play other instruments love to play it..such a beautiful thing to have music in the house. :)
    Hope you have a blessing-filled week-end.

  10. So happy for all!! Uncle L got a chuckle out of the boys comments!! Love you!

  11. It has been a while since I dropped in on your blog. So much has happened, a new piano, a new baby, jumping fences with horses, moving, etc. Lot's of excitement! Glad to see you all are doing great. Thanks for stopping by my blog.


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