Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A focus on Rod and Staff Storybooks

"Watch your thoughts, for they become words, Watch your words, for they become actions, Watch your actions, for they become habits. Watch your habits, for they become character.  Watch your character, for it becomes your destiny." - Unknown
Last June, I spent time searching for character fictional living books with a HEAVY emphasis on Christian values. I wanted books that would also engage the Little Lady's interest. Every time, I looked I could hear my sweet friend's voice whispering, "Rod and Staff. Rod and Staff!" 
Now, I have three friends that only use Rod and Staff as their curriculum. And, they all say the same thing about it. Rod and Staff story books offer fictional and non-fiction stories based on ethical teachings. The goal of these books is to impart truth without compromising the word of God.
 Finally, I got the chance to sit down one day and click through their storybook section. I spent a good bit of time just reading the little captions on all their books in all their different age groups. There were so many to choose from and I had not heard of most of them except for the few titles that one of my friends had suggested in years past.  
 I don't know about you but when books are suggested to me  I look them up to see all the reviews. If it doesn't fit my criteria, I don't buy it. So, when I plugged the titles into amazon to see what others had to say about them, I was so disappointed. Many of the books didn't have any comments on them. So, although I knew that they all were highly recommended I had no idea which ones to buy the Little Lady. 
 I spent several more weeks searching around some blogs to see if anyone had written anything about these stories.  I couldn't find very much at all.  I asked Beloved if I could just take the plunge! I was going to have to risk that they were exactly what I was looking for in regards to character stories and then take the risk that she will enjoy reading them.   
I started off with books that specifically dealt with the girls as the main character.
Well, the books came one summer afternoon.
And with nothing else in the camper to read -- She devoured 15 books in 2 weeks.  
She liked them all.
Her two favorite so far?
 "Cornfield Baby" and "Wildlife on the Farm".
As a Family we read "The Family God Gave" and "Missionary Stories with the Millers."

These books are so wonderful.
We liked them so much that we added on 16 more for this years fall reading.
This time, I focused on the titles that had girls with other siblings.
And, anything that dealt with animals and nature.
I do believe by the time the boys are ready for these,
I will be ready to buy  the ones that specifically just have boys as the main character.
I think all of these deserve 5 stars. 


  1. The Rod and Staff books are really nice. I did not find out about them until my kids were older, but have used some things from them as I could. I always recommend there books for studying grammar - though I used them differently than would be traditionally done. Another place for good and trusted books to read is in the bookstore section.

  2. Thank You so much for visiting, Mrs. Patti. I cruised into your blog just a few minutes ago. I am so excited that you took time the to comment. My friend, Anne and my friend Mrs. Amelia (who blogs too)keeps whispering your very words into my ear.

    You wrote in one of your post, "The Proverbs in general, and Proverbs 2 in particular, stress the importance of searching for Wisdom - not knowledge. I fear that in our society today we have reversed that order and knowledge is being given an exalted place. So many homeschool families fear that their children will not have enough knowledge, that they let wisdom (character) fall by the wayside. I have found that when I am faithful to put wisdom first, the rest will follow in ways I don't even expect."

    I am listening! I am trying to apply it. But, some times I feel so lost in regards to "living" examples and how to apply it within my day.

  3. Love that quote! Thank you so much for sharing this book list, I will be looking into these as well. Hope you are all doing well. Have a great night!


  4. Thanks for this review Carmen! I'll have to keep my eyes open for them as I didn't know much about them before:)

  5. Our shelves are filled with Rod and Staff books, and we ADORE them. In addition to the regular books, we have completed "Wisdom and the Millers", "Prudence and the Millers", and "Storytime with the Millers" as part of our evening family devotionals. The kids were always on the edge of their seats and begging for more! We still refer to Biblical lessons learned in those books from several years ago.

  6. Our girls adored them, we too loved the Wisdom with the Millers series; Hubby would read those for devotionals in the evenings.


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