Saturday, October 20, 2012

Beginning Bug Collector

All Kids go through a bug stage - E.O. Wilson 
The Little Man has been collecting and freezing bugs all summer. 
So, I finally bought him a shadow box.
Just one of many....


  1. FREEZING! I had no idea that collectors froze bugs. Hmmm

  2. Yeah, freezing???? Sounds like something my three would do for sure. ;-)

  3. Can't wait to see the finished project! Good Job! We've never made one at our house, but I think they are cool!

  4. I just added this feed to my bookmarks. I have to say, I very much enjoy reading your blogs. Thanks!

  5. Thanks for stopping by my place...oh know this one, and how fun! I have five boys and we love anything moving and crawling. I have learned to join right in and not scream!


  6. I am so glad mine have never tried to save them... Rocks, yes. Bugs,

  7. Oh my, that looks like a rather big bug. The blessing of having just girls is we don't collect bugs, although my animal lover does consider lady bugs her friends and usually lets them take up residence in her room. (sigh)

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I've been paging down and looking at some of your pictures. What a beautiful family you have (and a beautiful mama). It's so fun getting to know you a little and I look forward to becoming better friends in the days to come. Have a blessed week, my new friend! ♥

  8. Love this, lol. Can't wait to see it finished and hear about all he has learned! Have a great week.



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