Wednesday, October 17, 2012

State Fair "Food"

"Our State Fair is the best State Fair" -  State Fair

That song has been going through my head all week!  I think I sang it in my mind the entire time we were at the state fair this past Saturday. And, I caught myself singing it today!  So, let me get it out of my system and get my state fair pictures up so I can go on to another song!

                                                The State Fair Dining competition!
                        I disagreed with the judges. I liked the second place table the best.
Sweet Potatoes

(Biggest was 197 pounds, I think)

A quick snap of just one of the many displays of honey
The cute little peppers were so precious
Must have been 5 lines (front and back) of huge industrial refrigerators full of cookies and cakes
This is a picture of a guy's cake who had just found out he one.
He was so tickled about it.
Decorated kids pumpkin competition

                                                           Egg Shell competition


  1. Love the helicopter pumpkin. Great pics. The table settings are beautiful. Didn't know there was a category for table setting. So....what are you entering next year?

  2. The kids are going to do quilts. They are going to do a leather project. They will probably do legos. And, I am going to let the Little Man enter the recycle competition too! ;)

  3. Decorated pumpkins are not something I usually go in for, but that helicopter pumpkin could change my mind! Too cute!


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