Tuesday, November 27, 2012

2012 Truck Quilt Piece

Sewing fills my days, not to mention the living room, bedroom, and closets. ~Author Unknown
This above quote describes my formal dining room over the last several weeks.
Well, anyway, before Thanksgiving break, the Little Ones were all working on their quilts for the National Quilt School block challenge. Go Here for Details  So, now that the Little Gentleman's quilt is finished I will show you the details. 
The Little Gentleman wanted a truck for his quilt. Absolutely must be a truck or a tractor!
Nothing else will do!
So, he drew a truck and then cut out the paper. The Paper was pinned to the fabric and cut out.
He also did some free hand drawing on fabric as well.
He had to use 3 fabrics. 
This year the three fabrics were (1) a black one with orange spots, (2) a purple fabric, and (3) the green fabric with a tad bit of orange.
So, after talking it over we decided the truck should go up an incline.
Because, this was his first time using a sewing machine, could not do a straight line with out my help or keeping the pedal from zooming, (speeding up and slowing down) nor could he reach the pedal, he ended up sitting on my lap to do the straight line extremely slowly and to sew a zig -zag stitch around his truck, his sun and his cloud. I did the pedal and helped him with the turning.  The zig zag stitch is perfect for this project because it hides all their little oops! And, since we go over it twice it hides even more "oops!"  
He picked out brown buttons for the tires and with help stitched them in place.
(That would be his monkey friend helping him with the project. It was stuck in the back of his shirt for several hours.)
He helped tack on blowing wind which he did with ribbon.
Then, Daddy drew a blow moon face on a paper cloud.
He patiently traced it by putting the white fabric over the paper.
Again, with help, he sewed a face on the cloud with black embroidery floss.
A white button was put in place as well.
         The only problem now is he likes it so much he doesn't want to send it off to the competition. 

                                                                          Go figure!
                                            He wants to make it into a pillow right now!!

* See how uneven his truck is (at the bottom) a true cutting, drawing creation! ;) This project requires lots of breaks for his age. It took him 3 days and they were not consecutive days.


  1. I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The cutest thing! Do they get these items back, eventually? Have they ever made a larger piece, which they can snuggle up in?

    1. The Quilt Museum displays all the quilts that are turned in for the entire year along the office walls. (At least they did for several years in a row.) The winning quilts are displayed with their ribbons just as you come into the quilt museum. They send them back to you with a participation ribbon regardless if you win after they are done being judged and displayed.

      He has not made a quilt to snuggle with at all. The older two have done so but they were big square blocks that they sewed straight stitches. They "pieced it together" with a sewing embroidery stitch. Not really quilting but they think it is and that is what counts! I believe I have their quilts that they did in the archives of sewing on the blog.

      He wants one. So, I know I will have to make time to help him with a simple project.

  2. Awesome! He did a great job-very creative! God bless.

  3. I love it!! Hope you get to send it off. That's too cute.

  4. I love it! Sounds fun. My girls are eager to do some sewing during break. I'm looking forward to it myself :)


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