Thursday, November 29, 2012

Wacky Purple House Quilt piece

 "When life gives you scraps make quilts."  - Unknown
Before Thanksgiving the only thing the Little Lady knew is that she wanted to make a house quilt top for the school block quilt top challenge sponsored by the National Quilt Museum. She really didn't have any other ideas at that point. So, she worked with a few scraps and the three pieces of fabric that are required to do her quilt top this year.
The three fabrics are (1) the black with orange dots, (2) green with orange dots and (3) the purple fabric that you see her cutting.
However, she just didn't really like it well enough.
So, the pieces got folded up and put in the material bin.
Since they were not sew together except for the background, 
she will create something different with it at another time.  
Thanksgiving vacation came and so everything got put away.
But upon returning, her creative juices got to flowing.
She drew out a simple house scene on a piece of paper again.
She ironed her fabric.
She cut strips of green grass from two different fabrics.
(The green fabric that was required and another one that she just liked.)
Sewed them together with a straight stitch.
Then, She learned how to iron the seams.
She chose to iron them in one direction instead of separating the seams flat in both directions.
She sewed a straight line to attach the grass to her purple sky.
Ironed it again.
She cut house shapes out of two fat quarters.
(The darker purple and the orange-purple were added fabric pieces)
She cut out a side walk from the required black fabric.
Then, she played with the idea of buttons being placed on the house for a door and windows.
She cut out a tree from black fabric.
(Plain black fabric was added)
Then, she used the required black with orange dots for a tire swing.
Still trying to figure out her buttons!
She added the purple one to the fabric.
She added a folded black ribbon for the chimney.
It is a flap ribbon so it is a little dimensional.
Her original thought was to sew a black embroidery string from the tire swing to the tree. But, working with ribbon was fun so she added it to the tire swing too. 
Then as everything was placed on to the fabric the way she liked it,
she sprayed it down to keep it in place for sewing.
She sewed around the pieces with a zig zag stitch.
She did the zig zag stitch several times around her pieces.
Then, She sewed on buttons.
Sewed on more buttons.
And, even more buttons.
A full days worth for her just sewing on buttons.
Relieved to be finished!
She loves the wacky colors.


  1. How absolutely charming! I think you should get your kids to make these things to their hearts content and sell them! I think they would sell!!

  2. Adorable! Way to go Little Lady!

  3. What an awesome job! I love it! Hope everything is well with you, enjoy your weekend.


  4. So, So, Sew cute!! Love the tire swing.

  5. Oh and I just saw the leaves (buttons) on the grass! So adorable. Everyone did a great job.

  6. Adorable! My oldest is taking an interest in sewing too. I love what yours did. Great, great idea. I think they are just adorable.


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