Saturday, December 8, 2012

First Recital

"Only a teacher can provide the push that allows the infinite perfectability of music to take flight."  - Thad Carhart
Since we have moved here, the Children have been taking piano lessons from a Lady named Ms. Crystal. They started back in October.  Crystal is amazing and extremely talented. She has a degree in Music and Classical Piano. 
My Children adore her.  Apparently, everyone else adores her too!
Below is a picture of her 33 students that preformed in the recital last night! 
(I believe she has 45 students or so...)
Mrs. Crystal has a great set up for us moms!
She comes to our house once a week!
I love the fact that she comes to MY house. 
Apparently, many military and home school families do as well.
She has over 8 Families that she does in my subdivision alone.
(4 Families are on my road)
She comes out to our subdivision on the same day and just goes house to house! 
(Apparently, she does this with several subdivisions not just military ones.)
My Little Ones very first recital.
The Little Man was nervous.
The Little Lady thought it was "No big deal."
They both did well!
Ms. Crystal had a "practicing" competition for the month of October and November."
She gave out awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.
Also, Best Improved Awards as well.
She gave out Christmas ornaments to the Moms.
She gave out Goodie bags to all of her students.
Then, a Piano Family reception afterwards.
A big, BIG Night!


  1. This looks so special. Mine want to do guitar but I wanted piano. I think I am gonna take your advice and do a homeschooling blog. :)

    1. ;) Did I give you advice like that? So selfish of me! It is just so I can peak into your day and tell you to stop allowing those kiddos to grow up!

  2. You are sneaky. Yes you are. :)

  3. What a grand evening it must have been!! Sorry I missed it.

  4. What a great piano teacher and what a blessing for your children!

  5. We love recitals! They are always so much fun. I really like the idea of the piano teacher coming to the student. Seems like a great set up to me. Enjoy your day and God bless.


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