Saturday, December 1, 2012

Reindeer Boy

"Every day is a good day when you run." - K. Nelson
Today was the annual Reindeer Run.
We had two silly reindeer that ran in the pack.
The Little Man even wore jingle bells on his wrist.
The Reindeer Run is a Kids 1/2 mile, 5K and 12K. 
(12K for the 12 days of Christmas)
It is also a costume contest run as well.
There are hundreds of people that come out to run in all sorts of costumes.
There are also animal costume prizes as well.
Here are just a few snapshots...
 (We saw elves, christmas trees, presents, reindeers, jesters, clowns, lots of dress up dogs, and santas!)
Christmas Trees came walking by us.
Father and Son Incredible Running Team
The Grinch with his Reindeer Dog
Silly clowns
My Beloved coming in...
(He runs the 5K at a nice normal pace then he runs with the Little Man for his race)
The Egg Nog Kids Run....
He saw me at the finish line and sprinted toward the end...
He was the first across the finished line (in his division) with Reindeer antlers on! 
So, he got a Reindeer Scarf prize plus a ribbon.
He said, "Mom. I think you have a runner!"


  1. Runner in deed!! Who knows, maybe someday the -- Olympics.

    1. He wants to do the Iron Kid Competition but if we do we have to work on his swimming more! He started out at the back of the pack with all those that had to be at the head of the line. Beloved told him run at an even pace because all those kids ahead of you will be following down with being winded in no time. Sure enough... And, he ran right through. He got tired a bit and he said, "Dad. Can we take a break?" Dad said, "No. We are here to run." Then, he saw me and began sprinting to the finish line. (giggle)

  2. Wow, this looks like so much fun. I love everyone running in costume. Enjoy your day and God bless.

  3. I was sure I read and commented on this one before! Oh blogger!!!


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