Sunday, January 6, 2013

LIttle Lady Reading Log

"The more you read, the more things you will know. The more than you learn, the more places you'll go." Dr. Seuss

The Little Lady Log
(put in categories for easy reference)
All Kinds of Animal     (Christian Abecca Reading List)
The Hundred Dresses    (Fiction Secular reading list)
Pony Pals: Ï want a Pony   (Twaddle Fiction)
The Greedy Triangle    (Math)

Sam the Sea Cow   (English)
A Picture Book of George Washington   (History)
Countries Around the World: Korea   (Foreign)
Cats and Dog Jokes    (Twaddle Fiction)
Best Riddle Book   (Twaddle Fiction)
Best Knock Knock   (Twaddle Fiction)
A Family In Korea    (Foreign bok)
Animals Under Our Feet   (Christian Science)
Amazing Eggs  (Science)
Life in the Ocean   (Science )
Public Tadpole to Frog  (science)
Abraham Lincoln  (History)
AG: Meet Kayla  (Twaddle History fiction)
AG: Kays Escape  (Twaddle History Fiction
AG: Kays Hero   (Twaddle History Fiction)
AG: Kaya And Lone Dog  (Twaddle History Fiction)
AG: Kaya Shows the Way  (Twaddle History Fiction)
AG: Changes for Kaya  (Twaddle History Fiction)
Pony Pals:  Pony to the Rescue  (Twaddle Fiction)
Pony Pals: A Pony in Trouble  (Twaddle Fiction)
Knights and Castles  (History)
Who Was George Washington (History)
Big Red Tractor  (Christian Fiction)
Harry The Sea  (Ficton on Secular List)
A Chair For My Mother  (Fiction on Secular list)
Half Way Herbert (Christian Fiction)
My Mother Likes to Say  (English)
Harry the Dirty Dog  (Fiction on Secular reading list)
Alexander No Good Horrible Very Bad day (Fiction on Secular reading list)
I'd Be Your Hero  (Christian Fiction)
If You Made a Million (Math)
You Wouldn't Want to Be a Ninja Warrior (History)
Flutes Journey (Science)
Fraction Action (Math)
My Grandma Likes to Say  (English)
My Daddy Likes to Say (English)
Make Way for Ducklings  (Fiction on Secular reading list)
Grandfather's Journey (Fiction on Secular reading list)
Minnie's Diner (Math)
Full House (Math)
The Great Divide (Math)
Pastry School In Paris  (Math)
Its Probably Penny (Math)
Measuring Penny (Math)
Patterns In Peru (Math)
Seeing Symmetry  (Math)
Fun With Roman Numerals  (Math)
Mummy Math (Math)

At the Little White Cabin  (Christian Rod and Staff Reading List)
Story of Spying  (History)
Mummies and Pyramids  (History)
You wouldn't Want to be an Egyptian Mummy  (History)
Biggest, Strongest, Fastest  (English)
Zoola Palooza  (English)
A Very Improbable Story  (Math)
Suddenly Alligator  (English)
Crazy Like a Fox  (English)
Amanda's beans (Math)
The Great Graphy Contest (Math)
Pig, Piggier, Piggest  (English)
Around the House
Dear Deer (English)
Hottest, Coldest, Highest, Deepest  (English)
Dr. Mr. Blueberry  (English)
The War between the Vowels and Consonants  (English)
How to Make an Apple Pie (Geography)
Silent Letters  (English)
Just Me and 6000 Rats  (English)
On the Ark (History )
Dragons of the Deep  (Science)

November ( none that I kept track of)

Calvin and Hobbes  (Twaddle Reading)
Story Time with the Millers  (Christian Rod and Staff Reading List)
Coon Tree Summer  (Christian Road and Staff Reading list)
Ice Slide Winter  (Christian Rod and Staff Reading List)
The Missing Popcorn (Christian Rod and Staff Reading List)
Shoes on the Car (Christian Rod and Staff Reading List)
Fall and Winter in North Carolina  (Christian Rod and Staff Reading List)
Family for Semone (Christian Rod and Staff Reading List)

* She read three Encyclopedia  as well  (A Horse Encyclopedia, A Cat Encyclopedia, and a Dog Encyclopedia)

* She read over 20 Rod and Staff Book Titles. I did not write them all down in November.

* She reads so many books that I can not keep count however these are the books that I wrote down that she read ONLY during a 1 hour afternoon reading time. All books just came out of our own library. And, the goal was to read all the books no matter reading level that she had not read yet.


  1. :) another great reader! I'm sure your children would love to see their lists in years to come:)

  2. Love this! Jeromy has urged me to keep track this year of the books we all read. I'm encouraged by your list! Happy reading to you and the kids. Is your husband a reader? Mine is, I'm so glad! Every once in a while we'll read a book together.

    1. I had to ask the kiddos to see if they thought he was a reader! They said, "No. Unless you count reading emails and pilot manuals on the computer or ipad." I just chuckled. It appears that they don't think that pilot manuals is in the category of quality reading material. He reads for his Graduate program but doesn't have time to just pick up a book for fun.


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