Saturday, January 5, 2013

Little Man Reading Log

"The more you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you'll go." Dr Seuss   

The Little Man

Not a Bed  (Secular Reading List)
I Will Help  (Secular Reading list)
The Lady's Bed (Secular Reading List)

Animals Under Our Feet  (Christian Reading list)
A Picture Book of George Washington (History)
Life In the Ocean  (Science)
Sam the Sea Cow  (Science)
Whales The Giant Reader (Science)
A River Ran Wild (Geography)
Amazing Eggs (Science)
From Tadpole to Frogs (Science)
God Adds Oil  (Science)
When I was Young In The Mountains  (Secular Fiction List)
Ox-Cart Man  (Secular Fiction List )
The Little Mouse, Red Strawberry, Hungry Bear  (Secular Fiction List)
The Greedy Triangle  (Math)
Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day  (Secular Fiction List)
Harry By the Sea  (Secular Fiction List)
Harry The Dirty Dog  (Secular Fiction List)
Harold and The Purple Crayon  (Secular Fiction List)
Harold Trip to the Sky (Secular Fiction List)
 Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs   (Secular Fiction List)
Take Me Out To the Ball Game  (Secular Fiction List)
A Chair For My Mother  (Secular Fiction List)
Big Red Tractor  (Christian Fiction)
Halfway Herbert  (Christian Fiction)
My Momma Likes to Say  (English)
I'd Be Your Hero  (Christian Fiction)
I love you this Much  (Christian Fiction)
If you Make a Million  (Math)
Greedy Triangle  (Math)
Knights and Castles  (History)
Zacchaeus Cash bag  (Christian Reading List)
Bill and Blaze  (Secular reading List)
Make Way For Ducklings   (Secular Reading list)
Grandfather's Journey  (History)
Blaze and the Forest Fire  (Secular Reading list)
3 Brave Men (Christian Reading List)

Blaze and the Lost Quarry  (Secular Reading list)
Blaze and the Mountain Lion  (Secular Reading list)
Little Jake and the Three Bears  (Fiction)
Little Jake Hunts Alaska  (Fiction)
Little Jake and the World Record Bass (Fiction)
Little Jake Big Bow hunt  (Fiction)
Little Jake on Safari (Fiction)
The Great Divide  (Math)
Full House  (Math)
Farming with Father (Christian Rod and Staff Reading)
Daniels Duck (Secular Reading List)
7 Dips  (Christian Reading List)
The Story of Spying (History)
Blaze and the Grey Spotted Pony (Secular Reading List)
Mummies and Pyramids  (History)
You wouldn't want to be an Egyptian Mummy  (History)
Mummy Math  (Math)
Just 6000 Rats  (English)
Silent Letter (English)
Biggest, Strongest, Fastest  (English)
Crazy Like a Fox  (Engish)
How to Make an Apple Pie  (Geography)
Dear Deer  (English)
Zoola Palooza  (English)
Around the House the Fox  (English)
On the Ark (History)
Dragons of the Deep (Science)

November (didn't keep track)

All Aboard Science   (Science)
Jonah  (Christian Reading list)
Flashing Fire Engine  (Twaddle Reading)
Greg's Microscope  (Science)
Red, White and Blue (History)
And Then What happened, Paul Revere?  (History)


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  1. We loved the Harry books and read it countless times when Rebekah was younger! :)


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