Friday, January 25, 2013

Sunday Finery

"Even the street, the sunshine, the very air had a special Sunday quality. We walked differently on Sundays, with greater propriety and stateliness. Greetings were more formal, more subdued, voices more meticulously polite. Everything was so smooth, bland, polished. And genuinely so, because this was Sunday. In church the rustling and the stillness were alike pervaded with the knowledge that all was for the best. Propriety ruled the universe. God was in His Heaven, and we were in our Sunday clothes."- Rose Wilder Lane 
The Little Lady
The Little Man
The Little Gentleman

The Little Miss
The Little Lass


  1. They seem to like dressing up.

  2. P.S. I'm finally getting around blogger again. I see you made the tomato soup? Was it good? I want to try that one with rice milk! Love those recipes!


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