Wednesday, June 19, 2013

He Graduated with his Masters!

The tassel's worth the hassle!  ~Author Unknown
He is finish!!!
It only took me 10 years to get him to started on it! Then, it took him just over 3 years (because he took off a year during our move) to complete his dual concentration Graduate Degree! So, I am super excited and so proud of him!
He is my hero! 
He did it through a move while living in a camper, several military classes, over 5 military war deployments, two children being born,  --- many, many, trips all around the United States,  learning several new planes, 5 children and an absolutely crazy wife!  
I have to be honest I wasn't sure if he was going to finish it!
He did one class at a time!!!
  I had to quit doing my Graduate degree so he would continue his and then after he took off several semesters for a military school, he once again had to reach really deep to get motivated to continue!
And, then while he was eating cake... 
I mentioned the PHD word.
He gave me the evil eye. 
I am totally not scared!


  1. And now you know why my blogging has been in snippets! I was feeling the weight of him writing his thesis!

  2. You're a good wife - always encouraging!

  3. Wow! That is amazing!Congratulations indeed!

  4. I am TOTALLY impressed!!! That is a HUGE accomplishment, esp. considering all the LIVING you guys have done through it all! A BIG CONGRATULATIONS to your hubby! And congratulations to you and the rest of the family for your support!

    Love the "tassel" quote & the PHD remark, hahaha.

  5. Congratulations what a testimony to Gods goodness!! May you all be blessed!!


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