Sunday, June 9, 2013

JAARS day trip

Bible translation is about giving people the best resource for knowing God—in a language that speaks to their minds and hearts. - JAARS
Home from  JAARS (Jungle Aviation And Radio Services).
We spent the weekend with Missionary Aviators and the volunteers at JAARS who help with Bible translations all over the World. It was their Missionary Family Fun Day.
The JAARS volunteers were so fabulous! They showed us so much of what Missionary Families do in the Jungle.
 We also learned a lot about several tribes.  They had a table full of Missionary  instruments that many Jungle tribes use to make music. I was amazed that the Ladies let the Children play every single one of them!
 It was especially interesting to see how JAARS records voices with background music for Bible translating in other languages to go out into the jungle valleys.  
They had several demonstrations to show Children how they teach the missionary children languages at language school. 

And, we were able to try on lots of tribal clothes too.  
The Children learned about the Missionary Safety bags that the preachers take with them on the boats to transport goods to Missionary Families and Tribes.  This Lady is showing the children the shark bag. This bag helps keep you warm but also helps to keep you safe from sharks so they don't smell you! Apparently, sharks are attracted to yellow! Don't wear it in the water! ;)
And, the JAARS teams go out into Africa and teach the tribes how to swim. Apparently, they are not taught how to swim just told to stay away from the water.
This is a little model of a Jungle Missionary home.
You can't see it but the shower room has a little tiny bucket hung from a string that tips when you pull the rope. My kiddos got a kick out of that! I am assuming it will only be fun for a day or so!

Then, the Missionary Jungle Pilots took us up for rides and gave demonstrations on how they use the Tail Dragger plane for short take offs and landings. 
And, of course, we also got to ride in the helicopters.
If you look closely you might see that the little Lady is in the right seat of the helicopter with a head set on!
We also went on a boat ride to find out how Missionaries use Boats in the Jungle.
And, they gave 4 wheel mud rides and motorcycle rides to show how they use those as well.
We will be setting up a private tour some time in the future to learn more! We always keep this in the back of our mind for a retirement option.


  1. Such an exciting day, and I'm sure it planted the seeds for future ministry opportunities that are right up your alley!

  2. What a great day!
    We have a couple of boys from our church heading to Uganda in a week or so...out to Lingira Island in Lake Victoria. What an interesting place.

  3. What a wonderful day! I'm sure it was very interesting! God bless.

  4. Oh, what a neat opportunity!!! That just looks like so much fun and educational/motivational too! ...just one step closer....

  5. I'll admit it...this post made me all teary. My family was with JAARS, and what wonderful memories I have! We were in Peru most of my childhood, and spent a year in Waxhaw too.

    I can't wait until I get a chance to take my kids to the JAARS center - so glad yours got to experience a little taste of the MK experience! :)


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