Monday, June 3, 2013

Our MC story

The Rest of the Story... - Paul Harvey
Beloved adopted a Maine Coon Cat named Willie in 1992.  Let's just say Willie came with the marriage. And lucky for me, because I am allergic to cats, I am not allergic to Maine Coons!  So, God worked it out that the cat allowed me to live with Beloved! And, although Willie  often demonstrated behavior of tolerance toward me when Beloved was not on trips, he eventually realized that I was a  permanent fixture and decided I was a good person to caress himself upon only after he demonstrated his displeasure toward Beloveds packed military bags!  Willie died at the age of 14.
It was when Willie was around 9 years old that we rescued a Maine Coon kitten named Dakota.  As a kitten, Dakota use to go around and terrorize the Old Man Willie and our Dog, Sierra.  Well, Willie and Sierra are now gone.  And, although Dakota is now 13 years old, he still has a lot of kitten left in him and seemed a little lonely even among all our activity. So, we were feeling a little settled enough in our routine that it was time to get a playmate for him. 
(The Little Lass teasing Dakota)
So, I kept a look out for another Maine Coon.  We had not decided against a kitten but we weren't sure what would make us adopt one so I just kept it in the back of my mind that we live near one of the largest Maine Coon Catteries. Every now and then I would do a little researching.  In my researching I came across a lady who needed to re-home her two pure bread Maine Coon cats due to her moving across the World.  She had received many inquiries from all of the United States to adopt her retired show cats.  She had denied many of them for several reasons. Due to her love for her cats she was being extremely picky about finding a forever home for her feline babies.  
I had emailed her and told her a little about ourselves and told her that we were interested in the cats.
She wrote me back and said that she was considering a family and she wanted to work with them first but if things did not work out she would get in touch with me.  Well, the owner of the cats did a little snooping and read about our family through several social networks (blogging, facebook, etc.) And after reading all she could find out about us in one whole night, she revealed to her husband what she had learned! He told her,  "That is the Family."  She liked our family so much that she asked for us to travel to met her and the cats at her home several weeks later.   So, we took a little trip up to met her, her family and the cats. 
This wasn't a trip to adopt the cats only to met them.
She called us several days later and said that she loved all our family!
And, that her Family feels our Family is the one that she would like to re-home her cats too.
Unfortunately, she was not ready to give the cats to us immediately which was very hard for the children.  We spent several more weeks emailing back and forth getting more information on the cats and her getting more information on our Family besides just what I write in my blog. 
After weeks and weeks, she came to our house for a visit to see how and where the cats would live and to get a once more feel of our home.
And, the rest of the story....
These beautiful Maine Coons finally were adopted this weekend into our home!
And, they came with lots of toys, blankets, scratching post, treats and lots of love instructions as well.
The girls are doing great!
They are still adjusting to Dakota.
He has no issues with the girls though!
He just plops himself beside them and sleeps with his feet in the air.
The girls are finding his wooing a little over the top.  
They hiss at him if he tries to smell them but other wise they are curious... 
Our older 4 children are trying to have the cats each love them the best.
  Our 1 year old daughter, now thinks that any time she sees a cat, it is appropriate to greet them with a hiss!
I am finding the dynamics of this house most amusing!


  1. Such a fun story! Glad the cats are 'home'!

  2. A trip to meet cats! Oh my. What a cute tail. I mean, tale. :D

    1. A human adoption story would have been less dramatic I assure you! ;)


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