Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fluff and Compromise

"It's hard to be a diamond in a rhinestone world." - unknown
I like change!
But, there is one thing that I don't do and that is change my hair.
I have Virgin Hair.
It has never been touched with chemicals... ever!
So, hair stylist are always trying to talk me into doing something different.
I say, "No. Just trim the bottom and diffuse it!"
(They bother me less about it since the movie "Brave" came out!)
Well, It has not been straightened in over 20 years!
And, 20 years ago was the very first time I have even seen it straight as well.  
I did it  in College where my roommates ironed it straight with a clothes iron!
A clothes iron.
It fried my hair and I had to get almost 10 inches cut off!
So, when my Hair stylist asked if my husband had ever seen me with straight hair,
I had to say, "No."
And, then she got giddy with delight when I said,
"Alright, Just this once! You can straighten it."
And I added, "Don't get offended if he doesn't like."
She said, "I won't! I am to excited about playing with it."
And, then all the hair stylist looked on as she went dancing on tiptoes around my head!
When Beloved came into the hair salon he said, 
He makes me laugh
At least he spoke.
I cut it between my shoulders and chin once while he went on a fishing trip.
When he came back and saw me, he didn't say a word! 
A year later the first comment I ever heard about my haircut was,
"I am finally glad your hair has grown out."
I am married to a no-fluff type of guy.
He likes me with solid colors, no make, no jewelry, no finger nail polish and curly hair!
We compromise!
He gets the curly hair only!
 Occasionally, no make-up!
(My make-up has sunscreen in it.)
And, I hardly ever wear fingernail polish!
 I wear solid colors! 
It is so I can have outlandish shoes, painted toes and crazy earring! 
It lasted only a day!


  1. I think you are beautiful either way you choose to wear your hair. We are no fuss girls here at our house as well and we like it that way. Thanks for sharing the picture. God bless.

  2. I looooooove your curly hair! You look pretty anyway you do your hair, but the curly is desired by many! : )

    Have you ever seen the curly girl book?

    Many of our girls' friends are wanting the curly look and actually training theirs to be more curly naturally.

    Rebecca really wants hers to be curly and is considering a permanent eventually, long and curly just like a storybook look. Just like yours!

    I'm much like you, I don't do fingernail polish unless it's clear, but will paint my tosies hot pink! : ) I like makeup on me but I like it to look pretty natural, but I'm sure many wear less than I, occasionally I'll do 40s red lips! lol

    Fun post!

    Oh yes, one more thing... earrings are soooo fun too. I've been enjoying vintage screwback earrings. I don't have pierced ears, so clip-ons and I have been long friends... *big smile*!

    xxxooo ~Mrs. Amelia

    1. oh, to be able to do 40's red lips! I would be smooching little notepads and tucking them into Beloved's lunch box! ;)

  3. I think your hair looks lovely both ways. My husband doesn't care what I do to my hair as long as I don't cut it short. I use the curling iron every morning because you know what they say, "The straight haired girls all want curls."

  4. So fun! I think your hair is beautiful either way! My Rachel (my daughter that looks like she belongs to you!) has cut her hair once or twice, but we all love it long! She says it gets pretty hot sometimes...and is heavy - so that pulling it back can give her a headache. Poor you can relate!

    1. yes, very heavy! It is up and down all day depending on the temperature! I would be accused of bad etiquette if I was required to keep it one way all day long.

  5. Oh how you make me smile!

    I'm a no make-up/polish/jewelry/long hair kind of girl, and lucky for me, that's what my husband prefers! I once had my hair cut super short, and unfortunately my "stylist" was stuck in the 80s, so when I got home, my husband's only comment was "You're joking, right?" We both felt much better about the haircut after I'd washed it and done it "my way"!

    SO glad we're married to men who love us any way (and anyway)!! :)

    1. Oops..I'm a no SHORT hair kind of girl!!

  6. Oh Fun Post! You are beautiful either way my dear. It's good you took a picture of it straight since you probably won't see your hair straight again for another 20 years, haha. I love your full, curly hair. My hair is much like yours, only not as exciting (brown & a tich less curly). Isn't that just the way it is with us ladies, whatever kind of hair we have, we want the opposite. I wouldn't change a thing with your hair, you have hair to die for - exciting and full of personality. :)


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