Sunday, September 1, 2013

I flopped a cobbler!

Once you have mastered a technique, you barley have to look at a recipe again. - Julie Childs
Give me fresh peaches out on the open flame in a fire pit with some coals like they did out on the Pioneer Trails, and I can make an awesome Dutch oven cobbler! 
Give me fresh peaches that require me to put it in a pot and bake it in the oven
....and well,
I can not believe I flopped a tried- and- true Southern cobbler recipe.
No one seemed to care but me!
No left overs.


  1. You can't really mess up a good peach! Some of my mistakes in the kitchen, have ended up being pretty tasty!

  2. That's what really counts - no leftovers. I'm sure it will happen properly next time. :)

  3. It can't be a flop if there were no leftovers! :)

  4. Okay Carmen, now, NOW you must post that recipe girlie! : )

    I know it was delicious no matter what! If our families are happy then that is pretty good!



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