Saturday, September 28, 2013

Manuals and Smartbooks

"I don't like studying. I hate studying. I like learning. Learning is beautiful." N. Portman

Our unit is getting new planes.
He is excited.
The first few have been parked on the flight line for a week now.  
He has spent hours re-writing the "How to Fly It"  manual for the way the  military will use it.
He also has been spending hour going through the manufactures computer programs on how to fly it with all the new bells and whistles. 
Hours of Work!!

He has done many manuals.
So, I am use to them now.
But, the one that brings back the most memories was the "Smart Book" for our Helios. 
It was the very first manual.

I feel like he birthed that thing right along with one of my own pregnancy. It was all he talked about for at least a year or more!  When I was in labor and we were waiting for things to progress, he pulled out the Smart Book to work on it.  Funny Memory!

He told me this week, he checked the book  to see if there were any updates or changes on it.
Nope! Still the Same.
I asked if it was still called the "Smart Book".
He said, "Yes."
I use to secretly say to myself  that "Dumb thing."

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