Thursday, November 28, 2013

Hiking on a Monday

"Do not go where the trail may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail."
 Ralph Emerson

 Last week, Beloved took off and we headed to over to our condo in Sapphire Valley, NC. 
Beloved has been going to the that area ever since he was 16. That has been 30 years now! He bought the condo when he was 19. 
When I was a kid we also went over to this area for Thanksgiving as well. But, we stayed in Franklin at one of the local hotels. And spent most of our time in Highlands and Cashiers. We always tried to see the Highlands Christmas Tree lighting and the city sing-along. And, for several years in a row we always came back from the area with a live Christmas Tree. 

Now, that Beloved and I are married, we try to get up to the area once a year. 
And, spend the entire time hiking and having picnics. 

This picture, shows that they thought the trail that was off in the woods was not nearly as fun as making a rock trail of their own!  (The reason why I picked the above quote to start this post off!)
This year, it rained all but one day and one of the boys had a fever and slept for several days. Then, we had visitors to show up as well. So, we were only able to get out and do our normal hiking one day!

So, I was glad that the one day we did get out I took the camera along and got some goofy pictures!

 Beloved and I came home feeling like we needed another vacation!
This one just did not bring about the relaxation that we normally have when we go to the mountains!

But, I am thankful for the one day to snap some family pictures at least.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving, Carmen! That looks like such a beautiful place. And, congratulations to you on your flying lessons. :)

  2. Nice pictures but you left one out. You know which one.....

  3. Love all the pictures of everyone! Hope all is well! Have a wonderful week!!


  4. While catching up on blogs and email and some E-Christmas shopping on this very cold morning in Indiana, this gave me such a BIG smile. Still smilin...... :)


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