Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Little Lady and Zoology

"You may find it hard to believe that God could make everything out of nothing, but the alternative is that nothing  turned itself into  everything." - M. Cahill

 We are going to begin a transition for the Little Lady in School the next year or so. At that time, she will have complete all her 5th grade material.  Most of the things are the same as far as English and Math goes but other subjects will go really in depth. She has asked for this. 

Zoology is the subject that she asked for us to go more in depth on first. 
So, for awhile now, I have had to really research books!

These are my trusted textbooks that I have researched to give her. 
On another note though, I am finding animal behavior books are full of junk, and the biographies on animal behaviorist are also a little annoying.  My black permanent marker is a best friend at this point. 

Since Zoology is not an easy  subject to find textbooks and information on it has proven to be a challenge lately. But, I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. 
The problem is she has already read half of these! 
And, so I continue to search. 
By the time, she finishes all this material and her others subjects, I am sure she will have me on another wild goose chase.  

Edit:  all in one homeschool . com   has a 180 day zoology curriculum for children.


  1. Your quote is a "laugh-out-loud" er! Good luck with the schooling plans.

  2. I love the Character Sketch books. We used them all the way through high school. Volumes 1 & 2 have a crossword book that goes with them. My kids enjoyed doing them and it helps to reinforce the vocabulary. A trip to the Creation Museum (IN KY - near Cincinnati) and their amazing bookstore would give you lots of options for study as well.

  3. You might also consider notebooking the topic. This site has a lot of links for ideas.

  4. Good luck on finding your material. God bless.


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