Friday, December 20, 2013

Dropped of Neighbor Gifts

"The greatest gift is a portion of yourself" - Emerson

 This year, instead of doing a Secret Gift to one of the Families in our church (since we were going to be out of town). We thought we would drop off little gifts to our neighbors on our little military street.   I found this inexpensive idea browsing the Internet.  I thought it was so cute particularly since military neighborhoods (ours anyway) gets a little busy around Christmas! Military moves happen a lot during Christmas Time.  (We have lots of new neighbors now!) 

Paper, Tape, Christmas Ribbon and this Note: 

Since November
You've been shopping
barley sleeping hardly stopping
Not its late you're in a scrape
out of paper
out of tape
hope this wrap 
saves the day
Have a Happy Holiday!

They turned out great! 
And, they were really well received! 
As several of them said it arrived just in time! 

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