Monday, March 24, 2014

A Saturday Visit

"Genuine people don't come around too often. If you find somebody real enough to stay true, Keep them close." - Pin Quote

This past Saturday, my close friend Becky and her Family drove up from Florida to spend all day with us.  It was a nice time. We have not seen each other in five years although we send messages to each other fairly regularly. Hopefully, it won't be another five years but if the word on the street is true we won't be hanging out in this area of the country for very much longer.

 Becky has 3 boys. Her boys are older than my boys. (Most of my close friends who are my age all have highschoolers and kiddos in college already. And in some cases Grandchildren.)  Becky's boys are very respectful children with a lot of maturity. They were a good example for my boys to see what older boys act like since we don't get to hang out with a good many "older boys".  

Our day was full with hiking, playing at the lake shore dock, hanging out on the playground, biking, scooting and doing legos. 

Sam, (Becky's husband) and Beloved talked Military - deployments, differences in military organizations, down sizing, career moves, etc.  Sam is in the National Guard.

We talked a little theology due to my love for End Prophecy and their love of Philosophy. What is my kiddos favorite book in the Bible? Revelation.  Pathetic I know! I reak!

But, mostly, Becky and I spent the entire day talking about school curriculum. My Family homeschools with a Christian Classical approach. Her boys go to a private Christian Classical school. The Private School and I use the same curriculum except for a few things I have deviated from and included. It was very interesting to see what the private Classical Christian school does and compare it to what I am doing here at home.  One thing that they do is memorize large passages of literature and then they do monologues and preform them monthly to the parents. Super Awesome. But, that is just something we won't be doing. I would rather concentrate on memorizing passages of scripture instead. Another thing that we do that I notice that is different is that although we both read all the Veritas Press classical books on each grade level, my ratio with Rod and Staff character books are a lot higher than my classical books.  And, I think that is important. 

I also think "skills" are important and so is being creative.
Here at the camper legos is the form of the daily creativity exercise. 
Although, I spend most of my time just ignoring the fact that I am told that there is never enough of them!       


  1. Oh that is so nice Carmen, nothing like old friends! : )

    I'm glad you all had a nice time together.

    No, never enough legos. ; ) I guess legos are a nice thing to not have enough of since they all can hop back into their box when done playing! : )


  2. Sounds like a really nice visit! My Daniel would agree-never enough legos. Enjoy your day and God bless.


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