Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Crocheting and "The Bible Smuggler"

"When you read a line that is so well - written you just close the book and stare at the wall for a minute." - Unknown

Her next read aloud is "The Bible Smuggler." The book is about William Tyndale who wants to translate the Bible into English. He feels the common people of the sixteenth century England should be able to read the scriptures themselves. The church and the government violently disagree with him.

She is still working on the crochet blanket. Today, it was a fairly cool morning so she wrapped herself up in one of the blankets that she is crocheting. Unfortunately, she had to spend the whole hour trying to get a knot out and so no crocheting was done. This blanket is so huge. It will probably be the project we put in the fair this year.   


  1. How nice when your project gets so big that you can warm yourself while working!

  2. Such a perfect picture of a lovely homeschooling day!

    Little Miss is getting to be quite a young lady! : )

  3. I read the bible smuggler when I was young :) great book!!


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