Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Camper Chores

Encourage your kids to discover the dignity of working and earning money themselves. - Smart Money, Smart Kids, Rachel Cruze

Our Children do not receive what I would call the "typical"  American type of allowances. Instead, they have chores that they do because they are "apart of the family" that they don't get paid for and they have a "chores for hirer" list which they do get paid for doing.  Although, the "chores for hirer" list never really pays all that much.  (10 cents and 25 cents type of chores!) But, even that little bit amount of money allows them enough (if they work)  to save up for something small over a month or so.  Here in the camper, the chores because your "apart of the family" and the "chores for hirer" list are both extremely limiting. So, it makes everyone hop up fast and on the look out for things to do more.

Recently, The Little Man was glad I had a $3 coupon to Toy-R-Us. He was able to use it to buy a $10 lego kit for a little less which was extremely close to the amount of money in his pocket. Happy Kiddo!   He is enjoying his new item a lot but he doesn't like NOT having any change in his pocket.  He is trying to get it to at least jingle a little bit again.

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  1. Oh so true, love watching my kiddos help me around the house/camper...and from time to time I may give them a little jingle in their pocket. ;-)


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