Thursday, March 20, 2014

Cooking Camp Helper

"Live life with a little spice." - Unknown

 When we are not cooking outside in the cast iron on the open fire, we are putting things into the crock pots. I have two in the camper.  One of them I use for the main dish and the other I use for at least one side dish. I don't do a lot of throw in the crock pot casseroles. And,  I can't stand crock pot meat that has been cooked to long and turns out tough. So, I cook in the crock pots like I do with most dishes on the stove. 

I have a oven but it is barely big enough to fit a 9x11 dish. And, by barely I mean the sides of the dish touch the walls. So, small dishes like baked macaroni have to be watched extremely closely. Last time, when we were in the camper off and on for a year, I tried to make cheese cream danishes at least 6 times. Each time, I was disappointed. If I got them golden on top they were burnt on the bottom. If they were perfect on the bottom they were not completely done on top.  I finally gave up. It still hangs over me as something that needs to be conquered. Maybe, I will get the gumption to try it this time. As of right now, my cooking record is still being upheld this go around --- but that is because I haven't cooked in that oven yet. Finicky thing that it is! 

My Green Bean helper. 
I go back and check after her when she is finished.
As you can see we do not get even size bean bites. 
And, she some times only does one side of the bean. 
But, she sure does like the pop sound.

The secret in my beans is herb-chicken bouillon cubes and butter. 


  1. That camper oven is NO FUN to bake in at all...I'm enjoying my house oven so much because I love to bake.

    1. I bet, Vanyah. What was the first thing you baked?

  2. In the camper it was a pan of cornbread I the house it was my oldest's birthday cake. I never thought I would say it, but I miss the camper <3


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