Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Our Family Time at Lego Fest

"To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of stuff." - Thomas Edison

 This past weekend, Beloved and I drove the Children to Lego Fest. 
They enjoyed their time there very much. 

A Lego Master Builder gave a private little talk to a smaller group of Children. 
He spoke about what children should study in school if they want to be a "Master Builder."

He asked the children to build either a rocket or a robot. 

The Little Lady built a robot dog.
The Master Builder liked it so much that he asked if he could have it. 
She gave it to him. 
He put it in his pocket and used it in several other of his talks. 
 He told her that it was the best robot built all weekend.  
We thought it was pretty cute too!

                                           It looks like a poodle robot dog to me!
                    The Little Gentleman's Space Ship from the Lego Master Builder talk.
                                 The Little Man  built a robot at the Master Builder talk too.
                                                     A full size Lego Zebra
                                      This is the Toddler Duplo LEGO pile for girls to play in.

  The Master Build also grabbed the Little Lady and gave her a little puzzle to try to figure out. He timed her to see how fast she could figure his box puzzle. She did it in under 29 seconds. He said, "Wow. Amazing. 29 seconds. That is the fastest in a long time."  He gave her a lego prize.

                                                           A very nice Lego Master Builder.

                                             The Little Miss with her lego creation - space ship.

                                                              Lego Star Wars

A Lego Competition. 
They were to build something with lego that started with the Letter R. 
They had two minutes! 

 The Little Lady made a lego tiger.

And, the boys spent an hour contributing their creations to the Lego U.S.A Map.

"Everything was Awesome!" 


  1. Ever feel like Legos are taking over your life?!? My kids have turned all their Legos into a Roman City in my son's room, populated by tiny Lego animal creations that all have names, I step on tiny Lego pieces that migrate throughout the house (I think they hide in the laundry), and my husband (and a few of his fellow pilots) sing Everything Is Awesome in the office. Legos are Awesome! :)

    Seriously, you guys look like you have so much fun as a family, and I LOVE that! You (parents) are making memories for your kids that they will treasure forever. Keep up the good work! :)

  2. Jamie. "I work in black and some times very, very dark grey!" LOL. So fitting isn't it? It makes me think of the pilots.

    We are still planning on going to one of the inspections your way.
    Time line slid a bit though. We head out this weekend for Rucker again. Back in the camper.

    My boys are hardly playing with anything else but LEGOs now. They are taking the room!

    I will slip into your blog. Would love to see what everyone has been reading!

    1. My husband and I got a kick out of the black and grey line - we hadn't thought of that! :)

      I'm looking forward to the timeline working in favor of a real-life visit! Let me know when you know for sure you're headed our way so we can make it happen!

      You just gave me an idea for a blog post! My blog has been sadly I'm off to see if my kids are willing to participate in my idea! Thanks! :)

  3. Oh my! That is amazing...the map of the U.S.! Wow!

    All of your children are adorable and talented, and Little Miss definitely has a nitch with that robo-poodle! <3

    I wish she could have taken the poodle home or did she? I would not have wanted to leave the little doggie! : ) It appears she gave it to the nice man and that is very generous of Little Miss. : )

    What a sweet, sweet Lego Master Builder, he must be a very observant man in many ways...


    So glad your family was able to do this! I think it's great!


    1. Lego Fest supplies the legos and the personal instructions but after you build something you have to take it apart. So, it was pretty special to her that he actually kept her creation and used it as an example.

      I think he was a special guy too, Mrs. Amelia. It was interesting that he picked her items out and not the boys. As most would agree although she is creative the boys are the ones that spend hours creating with them.


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