Thursday, March 6, 2014

Where I Shop.

 "Shopping is my cardo" - Quote from a t-shirt I saw while shopping

I love Consignment shops! 
Beloved says I consignment shop all over the United States. 
So true! I love a good deal. 

So, I wanted to share a little bit about what has been going on this week.

In our area there is a seasonal consignment sale going on. 
It is a one week sale in the Spring and a one week sale in the Fall. 

This sale is owned by our Pastor and his Family. 
They have 10 Children ranging from 3 to 22 years old. 
 They started the sale because "They love Children".

And, because we love our Pastor's Family, and because we are mostly a Church full of homeschoolers and stay at home Mom's, we all volunteer.  And, of course....we all shop, sell things at the sale and volunteer at the sale! It is always a big week for many of the Church Members.

The Sale started out with only 22 consigners and over a few years it has grown to over 1000 consignors. It also started out in a small building and it now has grown into being held at our cities local Civic Canter. Yes, Civic Center! That would be 60,000 sq feet of organized KID items!

You mostly see the girls clothes aisles in this picture.

This would be only one aisle of boys clothes out of many aisles.
It shows you the length of the aisle though.

Just a random aisle of toys among many aisles. 
They are all 3 layers long!

And here is a random picture of one of the stroller aisles.

Awesome sale, right? 
Just thought I would show you a glimpse of the week.

And, now you know what kept me busy washing, hanging and tagging while my computer was on the blitz! Hopefully I will sale a lot of my stuff and get another good check! I try to volunteer 3 days out of the sale.  I worked the MILITARY night at the Sale just last night. Those gals stood in line to get in to the sale for up to an hour. And, some of them  stood in line for us to check them out for over an hour and 45 minutes!

Did I mention that this sale is HUGE and LOVED.
It is a HUG and KISS sale for sure!

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