Friday, March 14, 2014

Schooling at the camper

"Think Outside. No box required." - Unknown

I would like to school as much as possible outside while we are camping for the next six weeks while Beloved is doing a military school. So, I was surprised to see that this area is busier than the last time we camped here. We have a huge, wide open spot but what comes a long with that is a lot of the campers are curious as to why my kiddos are outside all the time.

 The camp hosts are the very same people from last time.  2 years ago, while we were here the male camp host was so curious as to this "homeschool thing" that he came down almost weekly to make sure I was actually homeschooling.  The deciding factor in his mind that I truly "school" them was the fact that I actually did know that Pluto was not considered a planet anymore.  (I was teaching them astronomy.)  After that, I never saw him again but I heard that he told everyone that "She actually does school those kids."  (giggle)  He has not been down here this time. He just said, "Welcome Back. How long you all going to be down here this time?"   

All that to say, the days have been a little cool. But, today it was warm. So, I think we have an outside school routine here at the campground as long as the weather continues to warm up for us.
Other wise it will be schooling in the camper. We will see what comes up this time about our outside schooling.

Right now it looks something like this...

and then some of that...

Some of this...

And, then some of that!

And the cats alternate school time with us. 
When we are outside they are like this....
Inside they are either sleeping are not to happy that I am disturbing them with my camera. 
He was watching a wild turkey!


  1. That is just fabulous! How many beautiful children do you have? We are hoping to go travelling around our country Australia soon with a caravan. How do you enjoy it? Great post!

    1. Sarah, I have 5 children. We like traveling in our camper a lot. Not necessarily in this camper but in other campers, we have traveled across the United States three times with the children. We have also lived off and on in the camper (camper to house, house to camper) while my husband has had business trips all over. We hotel hopped all over New Zealand already. But, a dream to be fullfilled would be to camp around Australia.

  2. That's so great Carmen...That man sounds nice but to me it's so hard to believe people are *still* so unfamiliar with homeschooling. Oh my!

    It sounds like you and your family are a very good witness; of course you would be!:)

    Have a fun and safe time in your family adventures! xxxooo

    1. Thank You so much, Mrs. Amelia. I think they have a hard time imagining how the "concept" works in a house much less while road schooling for weeks on end. It is some times comical and other times exhausting depending on the personality of the person who is doing the looking in.

  3. That looks like such a great school day!

  4. LoL Carmen, I so know how you feel been there many times's so funny to see their face when your six year old says "did you know your blood is not red inside your body until it hits air?" Oh the lil' joys of homeschooling the little ones learn a lot right along with the older ones. ;-)


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