Friday, May 9, 2014

Crochet Slippers

"Just let me finish this row." - Crochet Quote

The Little Lady has been expanding some of her crochet skills. She made some slippers yesterday. She is trying to make them into crochet flip/flop slippers but it is becoming a trial and error type of project. They sure do make it look easy in the youtube videos!


  1. All my projects are trial and error - those are often the best kind. I always learn more that way. Love the colors in the slippers. Great job!

  2. Very sweet and such a wonderful skill to learn!

  3. Fabulous! Well done little lady :)

  4. Nice job. Will the whole family each get their own pair? :)

  5. Adorable!! Happy mother's day! hope all is well!


  6. I am requesting prayer for my Hubby. He has been having trouble with urinary tract infection. His doctor sent him for a ct scan yesterday. The results shocked us. He has multiple masses on his liver, a large mass in his colon and a fistula that is connecting his colon to his bladder that should not be there. He is in the hospital now and they have done a biopsy on the liver. We are waiting for the results back from that and then they will determine a plan of action. We are holding on to the fact that the Lord is in control. We would so appreciate your prayers. God bless.


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